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To learn more about Dr. Val and Better Health, tune into a podcast interview by The Entrepreneurial MD by clicking here. Or click here for a summarized interview.
Dr. Philippa Kennealy writes:

Val Jones MD is one smart, energetic and articulate cookie.
As seminarian-turned-physician, and now part-time clinician and President and CEO of Better Health LLC, Val has navigated so many career paths, it’s enough to make one dizzy.
She refuses to be defined by the term “physician” and instead embraces a Whole New Mind approach to her life and work.
In this fascinating 22 and a half minute podcast interview with Val Jones, she shares her story and her secrets to having fun and success as an entrepreneurial physician. She also outlines her ambition to connect the dots between science, “un-hyped” health education and real (“better”) health. She plans for Better Health to be an influential voice in the development of healthcare policy that reflects and acknowledges the reality of the working lives of her constituency — healthcare providers.
What an opportune time to have her around!
[Remember to click on the grey button next to the title (with “Pod” on it) to hear the interview – and wait a minute or two while the audio loads.]
And if you want to catch her musings and information on Twitter, you can do so here.

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