Beyond Blue

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From Group Beyond Blue member Biglar:

Dear God, Why did my wife have to die? Thankyou for giving me a medical condition so that I could be on family medical leave and be paid at that time. I thank you that I got to spend the last 22 days of her life at her bedside making sure she had something for pain and she was comfortable.

God, I am 47. I know it’s not old or young, but somewhere in the middle I know there is a master plan YOU have shown me this the past year in reflection. I still miss her deeply. Thank you for the beautiful grandsons. Thank you for granting good health to my wife’s parents who lost both their children now. Thank you that they have their grandchildren and great grandchildren to take away some of the grief.

I know I am a little frustrated as I type this with one hand, the others a little numb. I don’t know what YOU have in YOUR plans for me but could YOU take it easy just a little?

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