Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Video: On Being Authentic

Sometime in her 30s, Ann decided to be authentic and tell it like it is. She has inspired me to do the same, to go public with all my foibles and frustrations. After you listen to her, you won’t want to be anything but yourself, in all your colors.

  • Larry Parker

    Whether you love me or loathe me, it’s because I try (try) to live by Ann’s eloquent call for us all to be who we authentically are.
    What a wonderful video.

  • Annie Turner

    What an informative video; also enjoyable. I think I’ll try my darnest to be authentic. To live my life without any bondaries of holding things in will definitly help my depression situation. But also hope that it helps with my other mental/medical problems. Since I’ve been posting on these blogs & airing my throughts & opinions I feel more positive about my outlook on life in general.

  • Grezony Caraballo

    Mrs.Borchard, I am very happy, that I today of all days. The day that our landlord, has handed us with an eviction notice. I live with a severve depressed person. She born with Spina Bifida and has everything that comes with that birth defect. She has been a very independent person all her life. In October of 2006, she had a car accident that left with a broken back. On March 7th, 2008 she underwent spine surgery to repair her spinal cord, which had re-tethered. I can not begin to tell, how insightful, your e-mail has been. I don’t have to tell you that Spina Bifida, is very painful. Compound with the broken back, and now surgery. Medication can be tricky. Getting the right balance is the key. She was on her way to recovery. When all hell broke loose with this letter. After reading, your e-mail and seeing your videos, they offered us some solace. I wish to thank you, for those words of comfort. Depression is very lonely. No one should have go through it alone. Unfortunately, her children don’t understand. They don’t call nor come to see about her. I say their loss. I remember to this day, when I called my mother and told I thanked her for all she did for me. Right or wrong, she was mom. She died two days after her 65th birthday, 1999. I wish I can pick the phone and speak with her. I talk to God, he brings me comfort. I wish to thank you, for your views of Catholic teachings. I too, have a hard time grasping the teachings. They are not easy. I at times feel, that being Catholic, in today’s World, is a balancing act. Yes, there is comfort in it, we just have seek it. Find our own reasoning. Thanks, Grezony Caraballo

  • Anonymous sound.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Being authentic as a depressive is frightening, but also liberating. I gave up trying to get my sisters and sons to understand it months ago and have tried to do the same with friends of late. It’s not an easy walk, but I’m meeting some prtetty incredible people along the way and am learning that what I’ve had to deal with can bring some measure of comfort to someone going through a similar situation in the present. Giving back is soul=nourishiong and self-affirming when you’ve reached the point where you feel empty, s though you have nothing left to offer. Somehow, being authentic seems to work like the bird in that old Aesop’s fable who kept dropping stones into a vessel of water tat was too deep for him to reach with his beak. The water level, of course, rose and he slaked his thirst in the end. Each time(for ME at least) I reach out to someone authentically, it raises my inner levels to where I can see that I DO still have something to give and can remain a valuable member of society despite my medical issues (Mental AND physical) BB has helped me to do that, Therese; something for which I’ll be eternally grateful. Several of my “pebbles” have been from here, and they have ALLOWED me to be authentic in a safe haven. There are so few of those harbors in my life these days, it makes BB all the more precious. whenever someone comments that I’ve helped them by my own comments, I am refreshed.

  • Anonymous

    You’re so beautiful and inspiring! I so wish I had a guardian angel like you!

  • Trish

    You’re so beautiful and inspiring! I so wish I had a guardian angel like you!

  • Jill

    You are beautiful Ann, I wish I could meet you!

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