Beyond Blue

As I said in Holly’s interview, she runs two groups in Beliefnet’s social networking community. Here is a summary of each!
Foods to Feed the Soul
We all have our “comfort foods,” from mashed potatoes to roast chicken to steaming soup. But in this group, let’s share the foods that really nourish our spirits. Does the smell of baking bread clear your mind? Does the crunch of a knife slicing through a red pepper wake you up? Does the bubbling of hot oatmeal make you feel centered? We all have to eat, so why not feed our souls as we nourish our bodies? Photos, recipes, stories – let’s gather ’round the table.
How to Stress Less
Stress – it’s the scourge of modern life, and it’s everywhere. Here we’ll share our tried-and-true coping strategies….they might be spiritual, they might be bizarre, but hey, whatever works, right? Let’s release, relax, and kick stress to the curb!

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