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Beyond Blue

A Question About Videos

I’ve heard from a few people that they are unable to view the videos. One person asked if I could write out the script, or a summary of the video.
I’d like to know how many of you can’t view the videos, and if that would be helpful.

  • Cully

    Well, I can’t see them (and I am very sorry), but it’s because of where I live – internet is supplied but the speed in which you get it depends on a three legged squirrel using a rusty exercise wheel to generate power.

  • Patricia B.

    Great description,Cully!lol That is what I also dealt with untill I moved into civilation,not to insinuate that you don’t live in civilation,before I moved I lived in the boonies,but then again in Wyoming,that is mostly what we have!!lol Can just picture a three legged squirrel running on a rusty exercise wheel…hee hee! Thanks for the chuckle. Back to subject..I can view the videos perfectly!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Therese, I’ve been having some serious problems for the last month. I finally tracked it down today. A lot of people have not moved up to MS 2000 or higher, or the high speed internet. This new technology needs that, to operate efficiently. I’m using XL PRO, and that has finally reached it’s limit, which brings me to my latest conspiracy theory(I am the world’s greatest conspiracy theorist, the government should hire me dammit !) What’s wrong with this picture ? Notice that, when MS comes out with a new operating system, everybody’s computer starts working erratic. The same thing also happens with your particular server, when they have a new program to offer you! The upside ? (there is alWays an upside and a downside) this country and indeed the world operates on Capitalism. If you do not continue to constantly buy the latest, greatest thing the entire economy of the world will collapse, as predicted in Revelation. Everybody’s job is in your hands and your pocketbook and wallet ! We ALL want to continue to get paid and get raises, it is a never ending spiral upward. If it stops there will be an immediate spiral downward into the pits of hell ! (the inflation/depression syndrome, that ALL of us are experiencing world wide…especially here at Beyond Blue, is the cause of Capitalism, and the ever growing need to have more money !)What we got going Biblically is called Tribulation.
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Margaret Balyeat

    i CAN (AND do) VIEW the videos; I just can’t listen to them. That’s
    MY problem, not yours; I need to have my audio repaired and haven’t yet found the $ to do so. Hopefully soon. (stress the HOPEFULLY) In the meantime, I get to watch your lovely face and hone my lipreading skills!

  • Lynne

    I’m with Margaret on this one. I would wish for closed captions like on the telly. RE; Wisdum, you are right about the tribulation being inflation. Where the #$%& does it end?

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Lynne, You already know the answer to your own question It ends on the day the clouds part and we all meet in the air,the day even the rocks cry out in praise and the lion lies down with the lamb and not a second sooner.(AndNot even THEN for those with the mark of the Beast!) I’ve gotten to where i’m actually examining the moon for it’s color now…hope springs eternal?)
    THERESE, Wwhile I too would wish for transcripts, I SURELYdob’t want (NOR, DOI velieve does lynne, if i may be so bold)to give you yet ANOTHER task to further complicate the wonderful service you provide to all of us As I said, my technplogical needs are MY problem, not yours! Before TOO long I’m going to have to find some “discretionary funds” (WhatARE those anyway? Do they live with the unicorns? since not having theworking audio poses ifficulty in some other areas as well.
    Since we’re (sort of) on the subject, has anyone seen the movie “The Seventh Sign? Afriend brought his copy over the other night and I fond it to be quite an interesting portrayal of the Armagedon prophesies in Revelations.Or, forgive my damaged brain, is it “The seventh SEAL?”

  • Margaret Balyeat

    I’m also interested in finding a copy og “Green Pastures, a movie made YEARS ago about Biblical(PRIMARILY OT))EVENTS. i REMEMBER SEEING IT ON TELEVISION WHEN i WAS A LITTLE GIRL AND BEING ENCHANTED. Anyone know where I might locate a copy?; I haven’t had any luck in any of our local rental establishments, and I’d REALLY like to see it again.One of my sisters said she thought there was some kind ofalleged racism issue (It had an all-AfricanAmerican cast and she thought there were some objections to dialect being denigrating. O don’t remember it that way, although, as I said, i was a child when I saw it, so probably wouldn’t have noticed.

  • Nancy

    My computer USE TO permit to click from your blog straight to the video but for some stupid reason it doesn’t permit me to any longer.
    I have been able to locate your videos through YOU TUBE BUT the problem I run into is that in your blog you title it under one name and in you tube it sometimes is headed under a different video title.
    It your heading on your blog was the same as the title for the video on you tube my problem is resolved without me having to search for a while to locate it.
    Keep Videoing no matter what!!
    God Bless
    Nancy akasixlittlekitties

  • Nancy

    p.s. sorry about not proof reading my post being posting…stressing today.

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