Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Our Lady of Guadalupe: One Miracle Story

From “The Healing Touch of Mary: Real Life Stories From Those Touched by Mary” by Cheri Lomonte:

It was the spring of 2002 and I was doing research for my final project before graduation when I found it. I have always had a special devotion to Our Lady, so when I found the beautiful bookmark of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the law book, I was thrilled. I remember feeling very lucky for my find.
I also remember feeling very lucky again when my blood work from my annual physical exam came back “perfect.” I was healthy and ready to finish my degree and concentrate on my daughter’s summer wedding. And that is exactly what I did.
But after the wedding, I began to notice something was not right. I felt tired and overwhelmed by the slightest things. And that bookmark kept popping in to my mind for no apparent reason.


I decided to go back to my doctor, and this time I asked to see the complete report from my annual physical. And what I saw shocked me.
My urinalysis was off, and my white blood count was high. The doctors had not been concerned, they said, because my numbers had only been “very slightly off.” But I persisted, to my surprise. I am normally not one to push, but something kept gnawing at me. And again the bookmark of Our Lady of Guadalupe kept resurfacing in my mind.
I asked my doctor for a referral to see a urologist, and after much persuasion, he agreed. He again insisted that I was fine, but if it would make me feel better, he thought I should see Dr. Vistro.
The CAT scan showed a mass on my ovary. And further tests showed it was cancer.
The first thing I did when I got home that day was find the bookmark and place it on my nightstand. Every night for the next six months as I went through a hysterectomy and then chemotherapy, I prayed. I prayed to Our Lady and I cherished the bookmark. I knew that there had to be a connection.
A few weeks after my last treatment, as I dropped in to see my department chair, an amazing thing happened. Her door was open but she was nowhere in sight. I figured that she would be right back so I sat down to wait for her. I was looking at the bookshelf behind her desk when my eyes wandered to the poster. I had been in Dr. Shevsky’s office a million times, but I had never noticed the poster of Our Lady of Guadalupe, with the caption that said, “Our Lady, the window of health.”
“Oh, my God,” I said aloud, “how dumb can I be?”
That night, like every night since my first diagnosis, I reached for the bookmark on my nightstand. This time, however, I wanted to really look at her face and thank her for saving my life.
But the bookmark was gone.
That was almost two years ago, and I am still cancer free. I continue to thank Mary, Mother of God, for saving my life and, believe it or not, I continue to look for the bookmark of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
–Liz P.

  • Seth Odell

    I found your post regarding Our Lady of Guadalupe and thought you might be interested in a video that the UCLA Office of Media Relations has posted about UCLA theater professor Jose Luis Valenzuela and his work directing “La Virgen de Guadalupe: Dios Inantzin,” a pageant honoring Mexico’s patron saint that has become an annual holiday tradition in Los Angeles.
    The video is available at

  • Nancy R. Callahan

    Thank for this. :)

  • J. Shorb

    This was a great story. Thanks for sharing it. If you’re interested in the faith-and-health connection, check out
    I also liked the beginning of the UCLA video (then it becomes a development pitch for UCLA, but the first minute or so is good).

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Even though I am not nor ever have been a Roman Catholic, I admit to being fascinated by the “manifestations” of the Virgin.(In spite of the fact that I pray only to God Himselg through Christ Jesus and have a personal problem with the idea of praying to(or through) any other intermediary. (No offense meant towards any of you R.C.s out there; it’s merely a personal issue!) Matu’s “magnigicat is,IMHO, one of the most beautiful passages in the New Testament. I can hardly imagine how hard it must have been for a poor virginal Jewish teenager to yield in such absolute subnission to God, especially given the historical period and the customary pynushment for lack of chastity.

  • Wisdum

    Re – Margaret Balyeat | December 13, 2007 6:37 AM
    Hi Margaret, listen, a lot of RC’s have a mis-con-ception about Mary also. Most of the Bible in not so much about actual people, but about symbolism and metaphor. In fact many the names of Biblical people is actually the title of the story, and the age old question is “What came first the story or the name?”
    Mary is a metaphor for “Bride/Church of Christ/God” When we (RC’s) say “Mary pray for us, we are asking the “Bride of Christ” to pray for us, or the Whole church to pray for us. In addition to that, praying to Mary, is like having a friend in the business, and you are looking for a five fingered discount (if you catch my drift!) I’m sure ALL you Mothers/Brides out there appreciate just how much influence, the Messiah’s Mother/Bride just may have in the “Family Business” (some more of that Roman-tic influence, I suspect!)
    LUV 2 U / LUV 2 ALL

  • Margaret Balyeat

    If Mary is a metaphor rather than a prson, why are there so many statues of her in shrines and/or the yards of many devout Catholics? sorry, it doesn’t ring true to me even though I DO understand the concept of asking the entire church to pray with/for you(…”the prayers of the righteous availeth much…_”

  • Wisdum

    Re – Margaret Balyeat | December 14, 2007 1:24 PM
    If Mary is a metaphor rather than a prson, why are there so many statues of her in shrines and/or the yards of many devout Catholics?
    ** I did not say that Mary was not a real person, only that she is metaphorically “The Bride of Christ” (and the Bride is the Church) I’m sure you realize that “Mary the Mothe”, could not physically also be the “Bride”
    sorry, it doesn’t ring true to me even though I DO understand the concept of asking the entire church to pray with/for you(…”the prayers of the righteous availeth much…_”
    ** A major part of reading the bible, is exactly why the RC church did not want everybody reading it… there is a lot of mis-translation, mis-understanding, mis-construed, twisted semantics and metaphor, that can lead people to question and lose their faith (I’m sure in your Lifetime, there were questions, that were answered with “It is a mysyery !” That answer, over and over, again sent me on a Lifetime journey to fully grasp what God is trying to say to ALL of us. For me at this point in my Life, I’ve come to the realization that most people haven’t got a clue!
    “”I will put scales over their eyes, and they will not see the Truth, until the proper Time” (could this finally be the Time ?
    LUV 2 U / LUV 2 ALL

  • Your Name

    Honestly, I’m really sick and tired of people illicitly criticising our church (the catholic church). I just don’t understand how some people could be so dumb. I mean really, the reason why there are so many different christian denominations today is because they all have different understanding of the Bible – Hence we catholics believe that the virgin Mary, is the mother of our church because of thefact that she was specisifically chosen by God among all women to bear (Jesus in her womb). The Bible is very metaphorical and I believe that no one can really claim to have an absolute understanding of it.
    I’m always dismayed by people like Margaret, who have a very vague undesrstanding of the catholic faith and all that they always want to do is to put the name of our church in shame. And I really pray to God our Lord that he may truely have mercy on such people, because by criticising our church, they defy one of the most important aspects of the Bible (THOU SHALL NOT GUDGE, FOR IT IS ONLY GOD ALONE WHO CAN JUDGE). I often ask myself, what kind of bible do such people always critisising the catholic church read? I used to be purtubbed by their negative and far fetched criticism of the my church, but not anymore, because to me me they are more like pharasees, all that they do is to learn the bible left right and centre and use such knowledge ianpproriatley. I mean, there are so many flaws that one can find in such churches that always criticise catholics – A lot of things done in pentacostal churches is against the bible, like speaking in tounges and other people translating that. Its all rubish and misunderstanding of the bible because when the apostles spoke in tounges, it merely means that they were able to preach in foreign languages not what you’d see happening at pentacostal curches toda.
    So my message to people like Margret today is, the fact that they should stop worrying so much about the catholic understanding of the bible because catholics understand what they are doing and I do believe that God will one day punish such people who continiously critisize and belittle catholics’ true and meticulous devotion to the word of the Lord

  • love

    The R/C church is a wonderful church filled with loving people who welcome you when you are at their church I love the way they explain the bible it is explained with love hope and faith and people feel good about themselves and God! and i love the statues of saints and painting in the church in a Catholic church we hear the word of God and we also see it! I have been to other churches and they do nothing but belittle everyone who does not see their point!

  • jay ar cuadra

    thanks to our lady of guadalupe

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment T Roger

    God bless.

  • http://usa sarah


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