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Thanks to Beyond Blue reader Becky P. who explained the difference between perseverance and steadfastness on the comment board of “Dear God: On Perseverance“:

I had a really hard weekend and I’ve noticed those too well known symptoms of my depression, starting to hit me, full force. After several nights of not sleeping, looking for answers and not finding any, listening and not hearing the voice of God (though I know he’s there), a headache for the past two days that makes me want to rip my face off.
I was just reminded that God is in control and the answer that will help me to get through these rough times, is perseverance. I’ve been thinking about it wrongly. I try to think of steadfastness as my word that motivates me, inspires me, and steadfast is what I want to be. And then when I make a lousy mistake, I absolutely know that I’m not steadfast. Which makes me very aware of my shortcomings. I think a better word for me is perseverance. God is steadfast and faithfull to us. And the only way we ever will become steadfast is to persevere. If I have any hope to be steadfast I must first persevere through the heartaches of life.

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