Beyond Blue

After I e-mailed reader Babs to thank her for her heartfelt comment on the board, she e-mailed back and asked me a question that I’ve pondering for the last week. “Since you get so disappointed in so many relationships, you might want to look at your part in that … maybe your expectations are unrealistic.” Or something like that. (Sorry, I can’t find the e-mail right now).
I got thinking …. She has a point. I wonder if I shouldn’t throw out all my personal info in my introductions to people as I have been doing:
Hi. I’m Therese. I’m a manic depressive, alcoholic, and adult child of an alcoholic; a codependent, boundaries violator, and stage-four people pleaser; an information hoarder (clutter magnet), Internet abuser, and obsessive-compulsive (ritual-performing) weirdo; a sugar addict, caffeine junkie, reformed binge smoker, and exercise fanatic; a hormonally-imbalanced (high testosterone) female, PMS-prone time bomb, and sexually dysfunctional (neutered) creature. And, of course, I’m Catholic (possibly explaining some of the above).
Just maybe I’d have an easier time with intimacy?
Thanks Babs!

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