Beyond Blue

I think all of us are more resilient than we think we are. I was moved by the comments of reader Nancy on my relpase post:

We are sometimes strongest at our weakest moments. We feel like giving up, but we don’t. We’re in the dark, yet we look for light. We want to retreat, but we find ways to keep moving forward.
We feel like we are working against all odds–we have so much amazing perseverence, yet we don’t give ourselves credit. Our feelings go deep, we feel it all–good, bad, or otherwise. We touch it all, but don’t have to embrace it and make it our identity. Stay with the love, the “good for you” people, and the small voice that tells us we are good.

I thought of Nancy and all my Beyond Blue readers recently when I took David to a doctor’s appointment and read this quote on the wall:

Though delicate they may seem . . . your wings are much stronger than you think . . . so fly.

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