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Beyond Blue

Are Coincidences Mini-Miracles?

While we’re on the topic of spiritual communication, I have wanted to say for some time that nothing pleases me more than to read on the various message boards notes like this: “I stumbled across your post when looking for something else, and it is exactly what I needed to hear.”

I believe that most coincidences are mini-miracles.

Take the story of how I met my guardian Angel Ann, or how Chris LaPanta was there to save little Will from drowning on Ash Wednesday, or when Rose Nowak sent me a medal of St. Therese at a critical time in my depression.


Last winter, while reading Deepak Chopra’s book “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence,” I started a “coincidence log,” as he suggests, where I’d jot down my intention and then what transpired.

My first entry: “Intention: to get a part-time tutoring job.”

The very next day I went running, and passed a guy (actually, he passed me) who directed the Academic Center at the Naval Academy. I asked this friend of a friend if he knew of any tutoring positions.

“Funny you should ask,” he said. “Yesterday I talked to the director of the Writing Center, and they just received some funding that allows them to hire some part-time tutors. He asked me if I knew of anyone.”


Wow. I liked this Deepak exercise!

Eric (the aquaintence, not my hubby Eric) gave me the guy’s e-mail, and I set up an interview with him. The next day, I went running again. In front of me was Eric, again, walking with a young man in uniform.

“Eric,” I said. “I don’t see you for months, and then two days in a row.”

“How ironic,” he said, pointing to the man next to him. “This is Chip Crane, who directs the Writing Center.”

“Oh hi, Therese,” Chip said, shaking my hand. “We’re set to meet tomorrow morning, right?”

Right. And that’s when I was hired as a part-time writing tutor.

What do you think? Are coincidences are mini-miracles?

  • http://HASH(0xce5db9c) Babs

    I was going to write, “remove ‘mini’ and you have it about right,” but that is too glib. What if you had not considered being a writing tutor. Do you think that the same crossing of paths would have happened?

  • http://HASH(0xce5dec0) JerzyGrl

    It’s strange that you seem so clear-headed when it comes to the Secret but here you’re buying into a different brand of the same hokum. I understand the allure and do myself take inspiration at times from the power of coincidence. Yet with The Secret you rightly remind everyone of the necessity of personal action–Here one is supposed to look for sprites and fairies popping into one’s life. Also, what does it mean if you experience a string of negative events?

  • http://HASH(0xce5eb00) followyourbliss

    I have had many, many such conincidences in my life help me allong. However, I have noticed a pattern. When I’m feeling sorry for myslef and not motivated to advance my own fortunes sort of speak, these conincidences just don’t appear. When I’m stretching myself out, reaching for something better or bigger, it’s like God reach back, things just sort of fall in my path. But I have to do the reaching first…

  • http://HASH(0xce5fdf8) Doug

    No, I don’t think they’re mini miracles or any other sort of miracle.

  • http://HASH(0xce608f8) Wisdum

    There are no coincidences or accidents either. The story (His-Story) has already bewen writen, we are all just a pigment of God’s imagination, playing out the parts. “The world is a stage, on which we are all actors playing a part. There are no small parts, just small actors” (W. Shakespeare) Luv 2 ALL Wisdum

  • http://HASH(0xce61228) linda

    when we seek better , there are “signs’, coincidences that may be good or bad….it is up to us to interpret them if they are for our higher good or warning us to stay away….I believe there is a higher power, however if you dont then you have no connection ,nor no answers how we all came to the higher power thought then also gives us belief that we can be guided better if we are in tune, and the coincidences are just one way to be in tune…so many of us allow ourselves time in our busy life to stop and think on our greater being…those who see the coincidences are slowing themselves down , so they see the mini miracles…if you dont see the mini miracles either you are an athesist or you and god are not in tune with one another…

  • http://HASH(0xce6154c) Iris Hellinger

    I do believe that coincidencees are mini-miracles, or majic coincidence, as I call them. I think that we all need miracles and majic in our lives. The world is a difficult place at the moment, so I welcome the belief in them. They never fail to pop in and out of my life like spring thunderstorms, that leave me fresh and clean with such new hope.

  • http://HASH(0xce626bc) samsarah

    I feel really sad for those of us out there who see coincidences as nothing more than ‘a coincidence’ with no significance whatsoever. Yes, after having read Deepak Chopra’s book too,I started ‘paying attention’, as well as meditating, saying mantras, visualizations etc as he suggested. Not too long afterwards the universe paved the way for me by showing me very distinct ‘miracles’. Some of them were beyond what most of us would consider ‘real’. No matter what the universal signs and coincidences are in your life, they are all there to tell you something. It’s up to you to figure out what. For this you must stop and ‘look’, ‘listen’, and love…but not from the normal everyday senses. You must go deeper…listen to your innermost deepest feelings and desires. These will help guide you as will the ‘signs’ put out before you. Trust me when I say my whole life and path has changed once I started living from the soul and paying attention to these so-called coincidences, which I call the universe’s (or God’s or whatever name you choose to call a greater unseen force) ‘wink’ at you. So wake up those of you out there who remain skeptical, like I once was. Keep an open mind and an open heart and what we might call true miracles will really happen in your life too. And if they’re ‘negative’, as someone mentioned, then that’s still something you should pay attention to. What you think might be negative may only be your mind’s way of dealing with some potential change or fear you’re not wanting to confront…YET. Keep on living, loving, and laughing!! AND watch out!! Miracles do happen.

  • http://Coincidences?Yes! anoush52

    There are many, many times He has brought just the right moment into my life through strangers especially. I’m having a really hard time in my personal life now and so wish as I’ve been praying for that my life could be in a different place, in a different setting (location) and more fulfilled. I have fibromyalgia and cannot work and was in health care for so many years. I miss it so much. The very best therapy (and coincidental happenings) are met when around people worse than you. You suddenly see just how life is not as you perceived. I do have a question, not an ulterior motive. Please – my name is Armenian given as a gift, but I am not Armenian. I am a writer, a good writer of poetry, short stories, and children’s stories. I, however, am on disability and need desperately to know how you can be published the first time, or discovered as the case may be, without it costing ME a fortune as I do not have one! If you could help, it would be much appreciated. Please say a prayer for my situation. I am not living in LA, MS, or AL and things could be far worse, but I am not happy and am not able to be a servant as I’d like to be to Him more. I can help people through my writing of fibromyalgia, childhood, and domestic abuse. The children’s stories are teaching stories, but it’s futile to just send work and send work to publishers if they do not know you. It seems everyone in the world is wanting published and I’ll never have that one chance. Maybe “I” need a coincidence? Look forward to hearing from you – please.Anoush – (Sandy)

  • http://HASH(0xce63a00) monique mcmillan

    I believe coincidences are gods way of being anonymous. I GOT THAT FROM THE LATE DR. BOB one of the founders of alcoholics anonymous and if you really think about it nothing happens by chance its a time and place for everything there are no coincidences without the power of god behind it.

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