Beyond Blue

I finally found a book on the human body I can understand! Last night I wanted to read Katherine the story of Baby Jesus again to squeeze the most religion out of these days around Christmas since I fall short on the other 360 days of the year.

But she pulled out “The Voyage of the Micronauts: A Book About the Human Body.” I don’t know where the book came from, but it’s about four microscopic freaky-looking aliens from the planet Xeno who land on an eight-year-old soccer player named Freddy. They tour the outside and inside of Freddy’s body. With each voyage to a new organ I couldn’t help but be fascinated by our human body and all its functions: how a knee scrape heals itself, how we sweat to cool down, how food gets digested, and how messages are sent to the brain. Nine pages into it Katherine fell asleep, but I kept reading and learning.

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