Benedictions: The Pope in America

Beaver.jpgBut Benedict, an avowed animal lover, would surely be pleased by this story from FOX News (via the American Papist) that a young beaver was rescued from the East River during an NYPD security sweep ahead of yesterday’s UN visit. The poor thing is apparenbtly sick, and was taken to an animal hospital. Awaiting updates. Check out the story:
Pope Security Police Bag Beaver in East River
Animal Was ‘Struggling’ to Swim Near United Nations
Last Edited: Saturday, 19 Apr 2008, 3:12 AM EDT
Created: Friday, 18 Apr 2008, 7:12 PM EDT
MYFOXNY.COM — The NYPD’s Harbor Unit, patrolling the East River near the United Nations as a part of security operations for the Pope’s visit, rescued an apparently sick beaver from the water.
The ever-vigilant harbor cops spotted the animal, which appeared to be having trouble breathing and struggled to swim, not far from the U.N., where the Pope was speaking.
Police Officer John Angus caught the beaver in a safety noose, pulled it aboard, and placed it in a bucket with water. Officers brought the beaver to shore for transport to an animal hospital.
They did not say if they considered the animal to be a security risk.
But “it has pretty big claws,” said Lt. John Harkins of the NYPD SCUBA team. He indicated the beaver was four feet long and about 40 pounds.
No word if the beaver was trying to get a closer look at the Pope.

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