Benedictions: The Pope in America

Benedictions: The Pope in America

April 2008 Archives

Catholics as political orphans

posted by David Gibson

Steve Waldman and Deal Hudson are having a debate about why Clinton is winning the Catholic vote and Obama is not–an interesting development given that the two candidates share most social justice views that might appeal to Catholics, as well […]

Egan v. Giuliani

posted by David Gibson

Rudy is at it again. Anyone watching the papal mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on April 19 must have been surprised to see Giuliani–twice-divorced (once annulled), thrice-married, pro-gay rights, pro-abortion rights–take communion. Rudy hadn’t done this before, in my experience–neither […]

Jeremiah, Obama, and Catholics

posted by David Gibson

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is back in the news, delivering some fiery (the indispensible adjective with the Rev. Wright) rhetoric yesterday at the close of a meeting of the NAACP’s Detroit branch. Wright’s unrepentant talk and prophetic style are likely […]

Be faithful and multiply?

posted by David Gibson

Great headline on a Catholic World News report citing a German study linking religiosity and the number of children: “Women of faith found more fertile” Think of all the money you could save on IVF, huh? Well, actually, CWNews is […]

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Archbishop Chaput weighs in against "Obama Catholics"--and for...?
Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput combines an intellectual's depth with the doughty persona of a politicker, which is what he used to be--he worked for the RFK campaign and later, even as a priest, was a campaign volunteer for Jimmy Carter. Some say he's still a political operative, though for the

posted 11:18:53am May. 20, 2008 | read full post »

The Hagee-Donohue ticket: "Liberals' worst nightmare"
The elaborate courtship of Texas televangelist John Hagee--who is covering McCain's evangelical flank--and the Catholic League's Bill Donohue, who accused Hagee of anti-Catholicism for his "Great Whore" sermonizing and other standard anti-papist barbs, always seemed to hold about as much suspense as

posted 10:54:05am May. 19, 2008 | read full post »

An olive branch to divorced-and-remarried Catholics?
An item in the current edition of The Tablet of London hints at a possible opening for divorced and remarried Catholics to receive communion--even though many do, obviously, their ban from the altar under church law remains one of the sorest pastoral points in the US church. It is also a sore point

posted 6:00:00am May. 17, 2008 | read full post »

The key to Benedict...
It is summed up in a response recounted by Father Jim Martin, a Jesuit and author who posts (and edits) at America magazine's blog. Father Martin has a post on "Three Unreported Papal Stories" from last month's visit. The third is the payoff: Third: Another priest friend serving as a secretary to on

posted 5:12:35pm May. 16, 2008 | read full post »

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