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There’s a lot of religion news expected over the next few days, including the ongoing fallout from the clergy abuse scandal in Philadelphia, tomorrow’s Ash Wednesday (kicking off Lent for Catholics and Protestants; it already began for Orthodox Christians with […]

As Catholics prepare for Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season — a period of penitence and reflection — the Philadelphia archdiocese is getting hit with a major lawsuit, three weeks after a grand jury investigation concluded that it has continued […]

I’ve had a hard time picking just one “Fun Friday” topic to elaborate on in past weeks, but this time was easy: a revised Catholic Bible includes changing “booty” to “spoils of war” and “ideal wife” to “woman of worth.” USA Today […]

Religion reporters increasingly hear from Christian groups advocating positions that are politically more aligned with Democrats than Republicans, particularly on the environment, immigration and health care reform. I usually take this kind of thing with a pillar of salt during campaign season, […]

It’s inevitable that our 24-hour news cycle leaves even major stories slipping through the cracks — when’s the last time we heard about Haiti or the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? — so I appeciate it when there’s a chance […]

It’s a bad news morning: Christian Pakistani Minister Shot Dead in Islamabad Ambush (Reuters) High Court Rules for Military Funeral Protesters (AP) Wow. Makes me wish I had stayed in bed longer, especially after an all-nighter with a sick toddler. […]

Belief Beat usually covers hard news or stories that make multiple headlines, but now that it’s March, let’s look back at a few interesting February features you may have missed: Gay Parenting Takes Off In Bible Belt (CNN Belief  Blog) […]

I’m glad I live on the West Coast now, so that I don’t have to stay up late to watch the Academy Awards anymore — especially when it’s a rather dull telecast, as it was this year. There has been […]