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The Pew Research Center reports that religion coverage doubled last year — to a whopping 2 percent of overall news — largely due to negative stories like the Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal, Florida pastor Terry Jones’ threat to burn the Koran, the Park51 (“Ground Zero mosque” — except not) proposal, the Westboro Baptist Church hatemongers, etc.

So, let’s have some fun:

103-Year-Old Nun Attributes Long Life to Happiness (CBS)


Also — apologies to offended Jews, Muslims, and easyJet founder and distant relative Stelios Hadji-Ioannou, but this was definitely worth a chuckle: Airline serves pork on flight from Israel (MSNBC)

And finally, if you’re gearing up for the 83rd Academy Awards at 8 p.m. EST on ABC this Sunday (I managed to go see “Blue Valentine” and “Biutiful” this week, just under the wire): Spirituality at the Oscars: What the nominations mean (CNN Belief Blog)

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