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Today (and every day, really) is Veterans Day, and I’d like to thank my father and others for their service and sacrifice. Incidentally, now that I live near Canada (and get to watch CBC’s figure skating coverage), I’ve seen how […]

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have concluded their trip to Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country and the president’s former childhood home. Although the Indonesia visit had been postponed twice because of erupting domestic American concerns, the […]

Elizabeth Smart, a sheltered, devout Mormon teenager from Salt Lake City, was abducted, raped and held against her will as the “plural wife” of self-proclaimed prophet Brian David Mitchell in June 2002. After reuniting with her parents and five siblings nine […]

From today’s Religion News Service roundup: In Spain over the weekend, Pope Benedict XVI defended traditional families and the rights of the unborn, attacking Spanish laws that allow gay marriage, fast-track divorce and easier access to abortions; the pontiff was […]

Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who recently made headlines for adding his voice to the “It Gets Better” project aimed at preventing gay teen suicides, has announced that he will retire in 2013. Robinson will only be 65 when he steps […]

Comedy Central hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert didn’t skip a beat this week, coming back from their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear to satirize the mid-term elections (aka “Indecision 2010”) — including live Election Night coverage. Check out […]

Diwali, a major Hindu holiday also celebrated by some Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, starts tomorrow — just as President Obama kicks off his 10-day tour of India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. McClatchy’s Washington Blog reports: Obama knows all about the […]

The Republicans have the majority again in the U.S. House of Representatives — poising Rep. John Boehner to become its fifth-ever Catholic speaker and Rep. Eric Cantor to become its first-ever Jewish majority leader — but the U.S. Senate has kept its Democrat majority. Meanwhile, […]

Unless you’ve already voted by mail (the norm here in the Pacific Northwest), don’t forget that today is Election Day. Time to find out whether religious conservatives — especially the Tea Party — will help secure a Republican majority in the House […]

If you’ve been out celebrating Halloween, Reformation Sunday, All Saints’ Day, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain or all/none of the above, you may have missed some really scary religion news: Muslim terrorists have killed dozens of Iraqi Christians inside a Baghdad cathedral, […]