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There were a lot of quirky religion news stories with serious undertones this week, ranging from a cussing Catholic priest ministering to Mexican gangsters to the appointment of a Muslim mayor in a strongly Orthodox Jewish suburb of New York City. Iran even banned the mullet, among other decadent “un-Islamic” Western men’s hairstyles.

But, I’ve got to give this one to Jon Stewart, over at The Daily Show, for his 7-minute segment on how Fox News has been covering NASA’s outreach to Muslims and the protests over proposed mosques at New York City’s Ground Zero, Wisconsin and other parts of the country.

An excerpt, from about halfway through the clip:

Fox News Journalist: There are a number of people asking, why are these mosques being built in my community?

Jon Stewart: Oh, oh! I think I know the answer to that one… because there are Muslims who live in your community?

Check it out:

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