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Catholic Feminists Upset By Female Ordination Included in Vatican’s Clergy Abuse Rules

In the days since the Vatican released its long-awaited revised canon law standards addressing how clergy abuse cases should be handled, the uproar has shifted from disappointed victims groups (who feel the revisions don’t go far enough) to outraged feminists and others offended that the ordination of a woman is included among the church’s most serious crimes — along with raping children. (It’s not quite so simple, but can we at least agree that this a ridiculously poor PR move?)


Some of the negative reactions, including quite a few from National Catholic Reporter:

And in the Vatican’s defense:


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posted July 19, 2010 at 2:08 pm

It was not a bad PR move; rather, it was integral to the section of canon law under review. Naturally, the grievance-seeking types, including “Catholic” feminists, will create linkage where none exists. The tenets of the Catholic faith are very clear. If you feel that it is wrong that the Church will not ordain women, then perhaps you belong in another faith.
Never forget that this furor is limited primarily to a small fraction of American Catholics and the very secular (and very liberal) American media. There are about 60 million American Catholics. There are over one BILLION Catholics worldwide. Get mad all you want, but you really need some perspective. Most of those objecting are not Catholics. Those Catholics who are objecting are but a tiny fraction of American Catholics, who are but a small fraction of Catholics. Thus we have a tiny fraction of a small fraction who are upset – a number that is so insignificant that they really do not matter to the Church.
Again, if that makes you angry, perhaps you do not belong in the Catholic Church. There’s nothing forcing you to stay in the Church. If you’re not Catholic and this makes you angry, you should realize that many of us Catholics see that as a sure sign that the Church is doing the right thing. Of course, logic is not exactly the strong suit of the perpetually-aggrieved.

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posted July 19, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Let’s see. We have an organization with a proven 60-year track record of actively abetting and concealing tens of thousands of felony criminal sexual assaults on children, bribing and intimidating witnesses and a train load of various financial crimes which made all of this possible. They have never shown a morsel of true contrition beyond the barest minimum, and only then when forced. They have done absolutely nothing to require reporting to law enforcement or to hold bishops accountable in the future and say that the real priority is not child rape, but ordination of women. I agree Michael. These prissy liberals will whine about the smallest things…
The people objecting are the Catholics and others who still have a shred of conscience. There are also nothing like a billion Catholics in the world. There are a billion plus people who have had water splashed on them. In the church’s eyes, that makes them Catholic forever, even those who actively repudiate the faith. The real number, if you count those who are substantially in communion with Rome, is about a quarter to a fifth of that.
As one who did leave but is still counted Catholic in that farce, I don’t care who you ordain or don’t. Limit it to men, or Roswell aliens for all I care. I do however retain the right to criticize and hold the church accountable to the extent that it acts like a criminal organization.

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Deacon John M. Bresnahan

posted July 19, 2010 at 7:06 pm

Here in the U.S. many polling firms ask people what religion are they. And regularly most polls show more people claiming to be Catholic than the Church claims. Some farce.
And if the Church is a “criminal organization” for stupidly handling the abuse situation among a tiny minority of its personnel, what are we to make of the current, ongoing cover-up of the abuses and quiet transfers going on in the public schools that insurance companies and experts in the field (even the NY TIMES) claim has been and still is worse than in any church. Yet, Kenneth, in state after state, where legislatures have tried to tighten up the situation regarding public schools, teacher’s unions have usually succeeded in getting the bills killed. But there has been very little coverage of this scandal in the media. Doesn’t that make the public schools, and the media partners in a “criminal enterprise?”
But, hey, who cares about the kids in the public schools. Don’t want to open them up to lawsuits that will financially kill them if the state’s “sovereign immunity” wall is lowered.
And if one is concerned about the abuse in the public schools and keeps his kids out of school, but can’t afford to home school them or put them in a private school–the power of the state can jail the parent. But everyone is totally free to be a Catholic or not. Free to be a Catholic or an apostate. No state power can chase you down for doing what you believe is best for you and your children in the religious sphere. Only the public schools can persecute you and your children for not obeying them–no matter how rotten, derelict, or abusive the school is that you are ordered to send your kids to–as surveys show too many are today.

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posted July 20, 2010 at 4:34 pm

It appears that in the face of all the years of physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by certain clergy and religious persons of the Roman Catholic Church, that church’s heirarchy has learned nothing or little about disclosure, voluntary compensation of victims, humility, repentence, and seeking forgiveness from God and from its victims.
Now, it has the crassness to attempt to deflect attention from its own sins by equating attempted ordination of women with physical and sexual abuse of vulnerable persons by clergy and religious.
Karma will be harsh.

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posted July 21, 2010 at 3:09 am

Karma will be harsh indeed, but that bill is still being tabulated for some time to come. Harsher still, and more immediate, will be the political realities of a bed the church has made for itself. Their credibility to speak on moral issues is evaporating by the second and will, very soon, be gone entirely. They have, or soon will have, the same sort of credibility as moral voices as Scientology or the Aum Shunrikyo cult of 1990s Japan or the Westboro Baptist Church. People will roll their eyes and say “oh, those nutters are at it again!.”

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Robert C

posted July 21, 2010 at 3:33 pm

The hypocritical liberal cabals are out in force as usual, I see. The hyperbole of the harridan of the NYTimes, MoDo the terrible, notwithstanding, the church does not equate abuse with women’s ordination. However, the myopic and suspiciously preferential MoDo and the Times is salaciously silent on the ‘legal wrangling’ that allowed the billionaire and Democratic contributor, Jeffrey Epstein to walk on many pedophilia and child trafficing charges. Why? Was it his multi-million dollar contribution to Harvard University? Perhaps his close association with some of the big cheeses in the party such as Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson? Their presence on the very same private jets that ferried his smuggled his targets into the country? Maybe it was the impact of his coterie of well paid, big gun lawyers numbering Alan Dershowitz, Gerald Lefcourt, Roy Black, Kenneth Starr, Guy Lewis, and Martin Weinberg among them who simply overpowered local prosecutors and allowed him to escape equal justice? Maybe flying in 13 year old virginal sex slaves from foreign countries for overnight gang bangs doesn’t equate with maverick clerics manhandling 17 year old football players? Or is it all of the above? The end result is that he is off the hook with no special spotlight team, no NYTimes special reporting, no hoopla from SNAP, crackle or Pop! Why is that you ask? Is it because he is a deep, deep pocketed supporter of their cause celebs? He isn’t as juicy a target as some red frocked cardinal lying in some forgotten grave in Belgium, or the conservative leaning Pope of a religion that has the temerity to suggest that abortion may indeed be unseemly, if not patently wrong, or that gay circuit parties may not quite be to everyone’s taste. Or that two thousand years of theological tradition might need to be sh**tcanned because MoDo snaps her caustic boney fingers and wants what she wants now. Karma is not selective. You cannot paper maiche over karma to support some weasel Hollywood expat getting off the hook because a few pseudo A listers from the third level of PR hell juju on some talk show in his defense. You know its really not rape rape, really. Really? What is real karma and also subject to karmic law my friends is unequal justice, bigotry and selective persecution. If you are going to “criticize” make sure you turn over the rest of the rocks that are reeking, glowing phosphorescently red, bellowing like sirens, and easily within reach, or karma will out you too.

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posted May 6, 2011 at 5:32 am

Catholic feminists abuse victims upset about female ordination included in vatican graver crimes rev.. OMG! :)

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