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On his way to deliver a eulogy at a memorial service for the 29 West Virginia miners who died in the explosion earlier this month, President Obama met with celebrated evangelist Billy Graham. Although Graham, 91, has counseled White House occupants since the Eisenhower administration, Obama is the first sitting president to visit his North Carolina home.

The Associated Press reports that the men spoke for about 30 minutes, about topics ranging from golf to the loneliness that comes with the job of the presidency, then prayed together. Graham gave the president two Bibles: one for him and one for First Lady Michelle Obama. (Looks like Graham isn’t one of those evangelical Christians convinced that Obama is a Muslim…)

Graham’s son, evangelical minister Franklin Graham, was also in attendance, and asked Obama about the Pentagon’s recently rescinded invitation to have him speak at its upcoming National Day of Prayer event (due to his previous comments against Islam). Obama said he was looking into the matter, the younger Graham told reporters after the meeting.

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