Because This Is Your Life

When you think of blood, sweat, and tears what comes to mind?




Working hard?

Does the thought of a rock group come to mind?

Probably not…right?

That is…until now.Because Blood, Sweat, and Tears is the name of a music group that formed in the late 1960’s.

Their most popular song is called Spinning Wheel.

And within this song are the lyrics, “What goes up must come down.”

Now there’s an important reason I’m bringing this up because it has to do with you and the way your life plays out.

More specifically…

It relates to how you handle different situations throughout your life.

And along with this comes the question:

“How humble of a person are you?”

1. Flying high again

The meaning of the song “Spinning Wheel” centers around the idea of “not getting too caught up” because everything comes full circle in life.

And this ties right in with the song lyric “what goes up must come down.”

It’s also right at the core of how humble of a person you are…

Especially as it relates to getting too “up” when things seem to always be going your way.

This can and does happen when you attract more money into your life.

It can be when you get into a new relationship.

It happens to people who have their own businesses.

And it also occurs in any area of your life.

Now think about when someone (or possibly even yourself) had something new and “exciting” come into your life…something beyond what you’ve had before.

What typically happens?

You’ll have a tendency to brag about it…become ecstatic about it…tell everyone about it…and in some cases even become “cocky” and “puffed up”…while taking on the “I’ve arrived” mentality.

Now let’s face it…you’ve done this at some point in your life…and so have I.And all of these can—and quite often do—has you “flying high”…feeling on top of the world.

And as outrageous as this will sound…from the perspective of what takes place in the brain…is the exact same thing that occurs during a “drug high.”

And what happens as a result of any “high?”

You end up being “brought down.”

This is what happens in the relationship when someone goes around and brags about it…something “strange” happens and the relationship ends.

The same with attracting that large sum of money…someone comes into your life and so called “rips you off”…or a series of events come into your life and you find yourself having to pay for something that seems to have “come out of the blue.”

If you have your own business…bragging about making $3000 while you slept last night…or having 30 new clients. Then what happens? All of a sudden someone cancels…wants their money back…you get the idea.

Now of course these situations happen in varying degrees.

The bottom line is…The more “sky high” you become when that something “new” and “exciting” comes into your life…the higher the probability you have of something “weird” coming into your life that is likely to take it away.

And most people don’t think about this because it’s easy when everything seems to be going your way to not want to think of the so called “downside” or “negative”…

But then guess what comes up? The very thing(s) you didn’t want.

So how do you overcome this?

You start by asking the question (and then answering)…

“How humble of a person are you?”

Now before I get to that, let’s take a look at the opposite of what I just said.

2. Bows and arrows

Of course there’s also the flip side to being “sky high”…and that is when things aren’t going your way. This can also include when people challenge and criticize you. And this occurs at all levels of life…ranging from the most “successful” to those that are so called “not successful.”

And just like the meaning of “Spinning Wheel”, the idea here as well is to not get too “caught up” because everything comes full circle in life.

Remember this…

No matter what you do in life…no matter who you are…no matter how “successful” you are…always know that you’ll deal with both sides of life.


You’ll have people liking and disliking you…equally.

People supporting and challenging you.

People praising and criticizing you.

Pleasure and pain.

Peace and “war.”.


There’s no escaping this.

You’ll get those “bows” and “arrows” coming at you throughout your life.

The question is…one…how do you deal with these situations?

And two…

“How humble of a person are you?”

And just like it’s easy to “feel good” when everything is going your way…it’s just as easy to “feel bad”, “down”, and even “depressed” when things aren’t going your way.

This again brings us back to the “Spinning Wheel”…and to not get too “caught up” because everything comes full circle in life.

3. Your spinning wheel of life

In a subtle way the song “Spinning Wheel” is referring to being humble. Because after all, your ability to not get too “caught up”…since everything comes full circle in life…has to do with you being humble.

Now back to the main question…

“How humble of a person are you?”

And along with this…

What can you do to start…and maintain your humbleness throughout life?

It begins by looking at how you handle the different situations in your life.

Do you get “too up” when things go your way. Do you get “too down” when things don’t go your way?

Are you trying to live a happy life…or are you living a fulfilled life?

Are you relying on positive thinking…or balanced thinking?

And yes…

I understand how easy it can be to always look for the “positive”…to always want to “feel good”…to always want to be “happy.”

And these are important.


It’s also important to realize that this is just half of the picture when it comes to being a truly humble person.

And in being that truly humbled person is where your inner magnificence and brilliance shines…

It’s the radiance you give off that people are drawn to…

It’s also the backbone behind your authenticity.

And it’s involved in your “spinning wheel of life.”

Always remember…

You were put on this planet for a reason…to contribute tremendous amounts of value to the world through the uniqueness of who you are.

And realizing your “humbleness to humanity” creates the ripple effect of your balanced energy that goes out into the world for everyone to see.

It’s the driving force behind what you’re here to be, do, and have in your life.

It’s also the driving force behind how special of a person you are.

So take the time each day to thank yourself for who you are and all that you do…

Because you really do matter.

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