Because This Is Your Life

During your life you’ll consistently come across situations that at first boggles your mind…

And sometimes they’ll even leave what some would call a permanent impression on you.

In fact…

This can even include words that describe these situations in ways that look completely opposite of each other…while at the same time are often misunderstood and leads to unfair labels.

Two such words are “Live” and “Evil”…

And there are a few fascinating things about these words.

First, each spells the other backwards.

Second, they are day in and day out every part of your life…and in ways most people are not fully aware of.

And third, they have to do with something we all know about…MONEY.

Now at first you may look at these two words as it relates to money and immediately focus on “evil”…

Because after all most people commonly equate “money” and “evil” as though they are a sacred marriage…and on the surface it may seem that way.


There’s also another part to this.

And it has to do with the way money and the “truth” work together.

Now you may be thinking…

How can the “truth” be associated with “money”…because what often comes to mind when you think about money, especially as it relates to how people act when they have it?


You see and have visions of how rich people are said to behave…such as they become liars, cheats, and all those words that gives rise to money being the root of all evil.

But is this the truth?

And furthermore…

Is it the money that does this to people…and if so how much?

This brings up the fascinating question…

“How much money brings out the truth in you?”

1. Dollars, sense, arms, and legs- It’s been said that all human beings have a “price tag”, meaning that if you offered them a certain amount of money to do something they would do it. This is true and I’ll come back to it in a minute.

Along with this it’s also been said that money changes people…and makes them do things they ordinarily would not have done if they didn’t have the money. In this case it’s the money to blame.

This is false on one hand…and true on the other…but in ways that most people don’t realize.

First, let’s look at how you (and all people) have a “price tag” and the things it’ll get you to do.

Let’s say someone kidnapped your children, held them hostage, and said that if you don’t come up with a million dollars in thirty days that you’ll never see your children again.

What would you do?

If you value your children you’d find a way to come up with the money…right?

Now I know this is a bit extreme. Here’s another example:

If you did everything you could to stop smoking but failed…and I offered you five million dollars to quit smoking permanently would you do it? If you value your health and the benefits of it you would.

These are just two basic examples but you get the point…

If there’s something you want bad enough and a certain amount of money was offered you’d do it…but it wouldn’t necessarily be for the sake of the money. it would be for what the money would allow you to do.

So, the big question in all of this is…

Does it (the money) change you as a person?

This leads to the second thing I said a few minutes ago…about people doing things they ordinarily wouldn’t do if they didn’t have the money. In other words, is it really the money to blame?

The answer to this and the bottom line here is…

The last time I looked “money” did not grow arms and legs and all of a sudden forced people to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do. It’s the person and the truth of who they are that did.

Money is not some physical creature that physically made someone do something they (the person) would never have thought of doing…the person is.

This brings up those two words again…Live and Evil.

2. Labels unlimited- Have you ever wondered where some of the things you hear most people say come from? Let’s take money for example.

I’m sure you’ve heard statements throughout your life such as, “Money is the root of all evil”, “They’re greedy and all they care about is the money”, “Rich people are snobs, rude, and think their crap don’t stink”, “He/she is filthy rich.”

Naturally, the list goes on and on.

So, where did these statements (perceptions) come from…and who came up with them?

And especially…are they true?

Exactly where they came from and who came up with them (and when) is something we don’t know.

But what we do know is this:

They are NOT true on one hand…yet on the other hand they are.

These unlimited labels that people put on others about money is NOT true as it relates to the money being responsible. Anyone who says someone else is “greedy”, “snobbish”, “rude”, and “stuck up” because they’re financially wealthy is denying the truth of who that person is.


Because every person has the “other side”…the opposites side of being “greedy”, “snobbish”, “rude”, and “stuck up.”

And along with this is the fact that it’s NOT the money that appears to “make” people act this way.

The truth here is…

Anything you perceive someone else as being (and doing) is something you’ve done as well…it just may not be in the same exact way.

Along with this…

Money is neither good nor evil…it’s the most effective and efficient way of providing value to someone else (and the world). However, caught up in this is that it can appear to be “good” and “evil.” But again, that’s going to depend on your perception of it.


The labels that are put on people who are “rich” are both fair and unfair. Yet, in either case it’s not because of the money. It’s due to who they are and how they act as a person.

Now even though at the root of it all money is neither good nor evil it can (and does) good things…but it’s not the money that does. It’s the person who does.

This brings up one of those two words again…Live.

3. Hearts of Gold- No matter how you look at it money does make the world go round. When money is in the hands of a responsible and accountable person who cares…is humble…and who doesn’t see anyone above or below them…the “goodness” in them (and in money) is revealed.

And along with it so is the truth…which has been there the entire step of the way.

This goes back to what you read earlier about money making people do things they ordinarily would not have done if they didn’t have the money.

The bottom line here is…

For every person that is seen as being the stereotypical “greedy snob stuck up” rich jerk who only cares about themselves and the money…

There’s also a person who has a heart of gold and is the complete opposite. This is where the “Live” part comes in.

In both cases it brings out the truth of who the person is.

The people that care and have Hearts of Gold…the amount of money they have doesn’t matter because the truth of who they are comes out.

And the truth of who they are is seen by the sincere and heartfelt intentions of their actions.

It doesn’t mean they have to be so called “giving more than receiving”…

What it does mean is that the truth of who they are is just what the world needs.

The most fascinating and inspiring part of this…

No matter where you are right now in your life—whether you’re a multi-millionaire or make under 6 figures per year—you have the opportunity to do something about it.

And it starts by being true to who you are…and what it is about YOU that brings value to the world.

Because this is where you come up with those ideas by tapping in to who you really are and how your uniqueness can be brought out for the world to see…so the world can benefit from it as well.

As long as you stay true to what makes you…YOU…and doing it all in a way where you don’t see others above or below you…

You’ll be respected, appreciated, and recognized for it and all you do.

This is what living your truth is all about.

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