Because This Is Your Life

If you only had 24 hours left to live what would you do?

When asked this question almost every person gave the same answer…

And I’m sure you would to.

But what is so surprising about this answer that people give is that most of these people are not actually living that way each day of their lives.

Even though deep down inside, this is what they would do with only 24 hours left to live, there is something that seems to get in the way each day that in many ways contradicts what each person would do.

Before I mention what this is, I want you to reflect on your life.

It’s been said that the 5 steps to a “happy life” are:

-Love yourself
-Do good
-Always forgive
-Harm no one
-Be positive

Have you tried to live this co called “happy life” and if so did you notice something?

First, no matter how much you tried to live “happy” that you still had sad and “down” moments come up.

Second, even though you did so called “good” that you also did so called “bad” at times, whether to others or yourself.

Third, even though you tried being positive, you also had moments of negativity come up.

Fourth, you had moments that you loved yourself and then there were moments that you despised yourself.

Fifth, you had moments where in some way you harmed others to include even yourself. This may not have been physical harm but most likely it was harm with the words you said to someone.

And when it comes to forgiving others have you noticed that in order to forgive others that you first had to judge them as doing something wrong…instead of seeing how what they did served and benefitted your life in some way?

The common pattern in all of this is that it represents trying to live a one sided life. It represents striving to be happy not sad, positive not negative, good not bad, admire not despise.

It was the Buddha that said…

“Striving for that which is unattainable and trying to avoid that which is unavoidable is the source of human suffering”

…And this is exactly what happens when trying to live a “happy life.”

This is what I call living a half filled life which is draining and disempowering


Living a fulfilled life that is healthy and empowering.

-This is where you realize that your happiness and sadness are there to help you (and is never missing)…and that trying to get rid of one over the other is futile.

-This is where you realize that your negative moments (and thoughts) help you just as much as your positive ones do.

-This is also where you don’t have to get rid of half of yourself to love yourself. Because loving yourself is where you acknowledge that the traits you like and despise about yourself are necessary and are there to serve you.

-This is also where you’ll realize that the so called “good” and “bad” that you do will be labeled as such depending on the situation and the person involved. These too are there to serve and help you.

Remember what I said earlier about the people, who if they had 24 hours left to live what they would do…

And that the answer they gave, in most cases did not represent the way they live their lives on a regular basis?

The answer they gave was…

To communicate the love and gratitude to the people who contributed most to their lives. And in the process say, “Thank you I love you.”

Since this is how people truly feel deep down inside, then what is getting in the way each day that distracts them from truly expressing this on a daily basis…

It’s trying to live a half filled life versus trying to live a fulfilled life.

Remember that every person, every situation, and every idea you have is there to serve you on your life’s journey.

When you fully realize that in every crisis there’s a hidden blessing and in every blessing there’s a hidden crisis you’ll be living a fulfilled life…

And when you live a fulfilled life you’ll see how much you do matter…

You’ll see the tremendous amount of value that you offer the world…

You’ll see how magnificent and amazing of a person you are…

You’ll see that no matter what you’ve done or not done, you’re worthy of love…

You’ll treat each day like you would if you did have only 24 hours left to live…

This was my life

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