Because This Is Your Life

As you go through every day of your life, you’re doing something that you are both aware and not aware of.

What am I referring to?

Making decisions.

It may sound counter intuitive at first that you’re making decisions which you are equally aware and not aware of.

While it is obvious that certain decisions you make stand out and have greater importance, there are other decisions you make that are of lesser importance…

And in fact even the decisions that you don’t make, still involve making a decision.

What this is all leading to and something I want you to reflect on is,

“What’s the most important decision you’ve ever made?”

In your weekly wealth tips, let’s take a look at this further and gain some new insights on how this can help you in any area of your life.

1. People, places, things, ideas… part 2– In a past post I spoke about the people, places, things, and ideas as it relates to what you remember most about your life. Today I want to talk about this as it relates to the decisions you make in your life. Let’s take a look at this as it also relates to “what’s the most important decision you’ve ever made.”

When you look through your life at all the people you’ve met, the places you’ve been to, the different things you’ve done (and not done), and all of the ideas you’ve had, at some point in all of this you made a decision of some sort.

Here’s a little secret about this you may not have been aware of…

Every one of these decisions were important ones you made. Of course on the surface it will appear that some decisions were more important than others and that is certainly fair to say. However, when you really look closely you’ll see that every decision you make in your life is an important one.

This is rather fascinating when you start to “connect all of the dots” because you’ll start to see things you weren’t aware of before.

Not only that but you’ll gain new insights on the decisions you make today and in the future.

Everything and everyone in the Universe is connected in some way and when you realize this, you’ll have a greater appreciation about all of the decisions you make…

And you’ll also become more aware that every decision you make is the most important one.

2. Moments of truth- The truth about every decision you make is that there are equal amounts of both positives and negatives involved. In other words, every decision you make will involve equal amounts of pleasure and pain, support and challenge, ease and difficulty, give and take, and all of the other pairs of opposites.

Why is this important to know?

Because it gets you to see that no matter what decision you’ve made it was neither right nor wrong, but rather it gave you a different set of the opposites I spoke about above.

For example, let’s say you made a decision that at first you thought cost you a lot of money. You may initially think that you made a wrong decision, but when you look closer you’ll see the pleasures and pains, the supports and challenges, the ease and difficulties, along with the gives and takes equally involved in that decision you made.

This is what I’m calling “a moment of truth.” In fact you have an infinite number of these moments of truths in any decision you make.

When you start becoming aware of this, your life begins an amazing transformation.

3. The myth of karma- There’s this “thing” called karma that many people have bought into. It usually goes something like, “what goes around comes around.” I can certainly relate to this because I used to believe it to.

Karma is nothing more than a myth.

The reason karma is a myth is because the Universe doesn’t operate according to “karma.” It never has and it never will.

How can you know that?

Because the Universe’s main function is to equilibrate. In other words the purpose of the Universe is to make sure you (and everything else) is brought back to a balanced, present state of equilibrium.

For example, anytime you get really “up” about something, the Universe will bring in something to get you back “down” to equilibrium. This is what happens with people who win the lottery. It’s been shown that 95% of the people who win the big lotto jackpot end up in a worse financial situation than they were before they won the lottery.

In the case of the lottery winners, the Universe brings in those “resistance” factors or the opposite factor to balance them out. This is why the lottery winners have a high probability of being in that 95% unless they know how to counteract that

This is how the Universe keeps you in equilibrium.

So what does this have to do with the decisions you make?

If you make a decision that in your perception was “bad” or the “wrong” one, that let’s say involved someone doing something to you, it’s not karma that’s involved in any way.

This goes back to what I said earlier when I spoke about the “moments of truth.” Every decision you make has those equal sets of opposites, even if the particular decision you made involves others. This applies to them too.

Now I will say this…

Every one of these important decisions you make actually gets you to see how magnificent and brilliant of a person you are.

This is another reason why there is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” decision. Because when you take the time and look closely you’ll see how all of the decisions you make is getting you to see your own hidden gifts and the tremendous amount of value you provide to the world with those gifts.

So I want you to be more aware that every decision you make is “the most important decision you’ve ever made” because it is getting you to see how amazing of a person you really are.

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