Because This Is Your Life

What happens when you wake up in the morning?

What are you thinking about?

What do you say to yourself?

What are you looking forward to that day?

What are you not looking forward to that day?

Do you actually wake up in the morning and say, “I’m really glad that I’m feeling tired and exhausted today”…and “I can’t wait to go to my job that I can’t stand”…and “I’m really looking forward to feeling stressed out and very anxious about everything going on in my life…while having no idea what I want to do or how to go about it.”

Of course not. No one looks forward to this…

But yet this is what’s happening.


And most importantly what can be done to change it?

The answers to these questions starts with realizing who you are. And more specifically…

“What is the truth about who you are?”

Because the true, authentic you does not wake up in the morning looking forward to what seems like a never ending, dreadful, and uneventful day…all with the mindset of “wanting to get it over with.”


The true, authentic you wakes up feeling energized, inspired, and enthusiastic about the day ahead…while doing what you love and loving what you do.

Rather than wanting to live a happy life, the true and authentic you wakes up looking to live a fulfilled life…

Knowing that they’ll be times when things seem easy and times when things seem difficult…

Knowing that they’ll be moments that are very supporting and moments that will be very challenging.

The truth about who you are is that you’re a unique, magnificent, genius who has so much to contribute to the world.

That sounds great and is certainly true.

But what if you don’t believe that yourself as you read this. Or as you wake up and go throughout your day.

Let’s now come back to those two questions I mentioned earlier…

“Why the things you wake up to are happening” and more importantly, “What can be done to change it?”

One of the main reasons why you’ll find yourself “dragging” and “dreading” your way through life—in addition to finding out the truth of who you are—involves getting clear on what you “love” doing, what “inspires” you most, and what you’ve always “dreamed” of doing.

Yes it sounds simple and perhaps something you’ve heard before.

But also understand this…

Everything you do has the two sides of life involved. No matter what you do you’ll have the pain and pleasure, the difficulty and ease, the challenge and support…along with the general ups and downs so to speak.

This is inescapable and unavoidable…and that’s a good thing.

Since you’re going to get both of these sides anyway you may as well go and do what you love and love what you do.

The reason why many people stay stuck is because they’re looking for the “easy” way…but they want that more often than the “hard” or difficult way.

And like I said earlier, you’re going to get both sides. The big difference between doing what you love versus dreading and dragging your way through life comes down to the different sets of challenge and support, difficult and ease, pain and pleasure…the two sides.

The bottom line is this (and this also answers the question of how you can change your current situation)…

You can take the easy way out and it may seem easy at first. But guess what? The difficult will show up to the degree that it seems easy.

Here’s a basic example…

Back in 2010 when I drove up to New Jersey (I currently live in South Carolina) I left in the evening so I could avoid the traffic in Washington D.C.

When I got 40 miles outside of D.C…at 5am (yes 5 in the morning) I was sitting in a parking lot full of traffic on a major interstate highway. And this lasted for over an hour.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because all of those people who were driving to work were going through the pain, the difficulty, and the challenge of having to get up before the crack of dawn and drive through an army of traffic at 5am…

And I’m certain that most of those people would have preferred to not be doing that.

But yes they also had the pleasure, the ease, and the support of being able to go home after their job and not deal with anything else regarding their job.

Now let’s look at this from the other side…

The person who owns their own business, let’s say an internet based business, is not sitting in traffic at 5am, nor are they getting up before that. This is their pleasure, their ease, their support.

Guess what though?

They have the pain, the difficulty, and the challenges too…just different sets of them.

And that’s the point here.

What are you willing to deal with?

Because like I said earlier, you’re going to get both sides anyway so you may as well go and do what you love and love what you do.

And in the process be true to who you are and what you were put on this planet to do…

While also providing a tremendous amount of value to the world through your magnificence, uniqueness, and genius.

That is the truth about who you are!

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