At the Intersection of Faith and Culture

I have a Ph.D. in philosophy from Temple University, a master's degree in philosophy from Baylor University, and a bachelor's degree in philosophy and religious studies from Wingate University. I teach philosophy at several colleges in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.

It is nothing less than an unmitigated disgrace that hate-consumed leftist ideologues have been permitted to unleash violence upon their political opponents for at least as long as Donald Trump has been a serious contender for the presidency. There’s been […]

In a recent article, I delineated the features of a figure to which I referred as “Jesus Now.” Jesus Now is the Jesus, perhaps the only Jesus, with whom millions of contemporary American Christians are familiar.  Churchgoers are no different […]

President Trump has ordered the launching of nearly 60 missiles on select targets in Syria. His most tireless critics are now singing his praises. Along with Trump himself, they reason that Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless dictator who has […]

In the Western world today, particularly in America, there persists this idea among both Christians and non-Christians alike that, to be a Christian, one must endorse a specific kind of vision of how societies should be organized politically. While it […]

It would appear that higher education has become a Politically Correct caricature of itself.  Yet for an increasing number of students, this is no laughing matter, for academia’s ceaseless drift toward the abyss of far-left ideology has been accompanied by […]

Nationally syndicated “conservative” talk radio host Michael Savage and his poodle, “Teddy,” were recently assaulted while they exited a restaurant in San Francisco.  A man followed them from the eatery and mocked Savage for his real surname (“Weiner”) before kicking […]

A left-leaning colleague of mine recently sent me a link to an article that he found “encouraging.” Evidently, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, President Trump’s Secretary of Defense, believes that “climate change” is both “real” and, according to the article, […]

On Saturday morning, after months of baseless allegations that he had colluded with the Russian government to steal the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, President Trump had reached his limit. With just a few tweets, Trump flipped the script on […]

What a weekend. On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump subverted the narrative of the Regime, the Government-Media Complex, by announcing via Twitter that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wire-tapped Trump Tower. As of the present moment, the Donald has yet to […]

A friend and colleague—a Democrat—sent me a text the other night.  The resignation of General Flynn and the recusal of Jeff Sessions from an investigation into alleged connections between President Trump and “the Russians,” he wrote, are “huge victories for […]