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Contrary to what he and his boosters in some quarters of talk radio would have us think, Ted Cruz is most definitely not a Washington “outsider” or “anti-Establishment” candidate. For years, until as recently as 2013, Cruz, alongside such insiders […]

Roman Catholics throughout the world are in the midst of the season of Lent. Lent occurs over the six weeks stretching between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. It is recognized by Catholics as a season of renewal, a time for […]

To My Fellow Catholics, On March 7, our brethren in the faith, Robert P. George and George Weigel, published an open letter in National Review addressed to the Catholic world. Trump’s “appeals to racial and ethnic fears and prejudice,” they […]

On Friday, March 11, members of Black Lives Matter and illegal immigrants’ “rights” groups joined with supporters of Bernie Sanders and other assortments of hard leftists to descend upon a Donald Trump rally in Chicago. Consequently, the GOP frontrunner, informed […]

The sight of Marco Rubio knocking Donald Trump—or anyone—for allegedly being weak on illegal immigration is a sight to behold. Nor is it any less bemusing to hear Rubio (repeatedly) criticize Trump for being a “con-artist.” There is no one […]

According to a recent article in the New York Times, on the evening of March 9, 2011, Rush Limbaugh met privately with Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, Fox’s chairman and chief executive, Roger Ailes, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, and Republican […]

When Marco Rubio and his fellow seven gangsters in the Gang of Eight tried to impose amnesty upon the country, Senator Jeff Sessions spearheaded the battle against it. There is no American senator that more strongly opposes amnesty and that […]