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Donald Trump is not now, nor has he ever been, any sort of conservative in the traditional or classical sense of that term. This being said, those self-declared “conservatives” in the media who have been tirelessly blasting Trump on this […]

The big loser of the South Carolina GOP debate Saturday night had to have been the audience. It was painfully obvious to all with eyes to see that the audience was cooked, packed with donors backing Jeb Bush and Marco […]

In a recent essay, I submitted seven reasons to account for the reluctance of a conservative or libertarian to vote for Donald Trump. Yet these arguments only tell one side of this story. There are also reasons for why such […]

For identifying the hypocrisy, inconsistencies, and, at times, opportunism of Donald Trump’s critics, both readers and acquaintances have concluded that I have endorsed Trump. The truth is that I’ve as yet endorsed no one. There are indeed reasons for a […]

Marco Rubio has no shortage of admirers in the “conservative” media who have stopped at nothing to spin things—like his third place finish in Iowa—in his favor. Predictably, some of the same suspects are laboring tirelessly at this moment to […]

I recently just found a nearly four year-old essay in Slate that caught my interest for three reasons. First, though it was written during the last presidential election, it is as succinct a statement of the left’s perspective on the […]