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Just in time for Independence Day, guest-blogger Myron Pauli addresses the conflict between the Pledge of Allegiance, on the one hand, and, on the other, The United States Constitution. All patriotic Americans who have the opportunity to do so should […]

The Dylan Roof/Charleston massacre supplies much food for thought. (1)Predictably, the agents of the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) wasted no time in exploiting this horror for their own political and ideological purposes. From Fox News to “conservative” talk radio to the “conservative” […]

An email from “Leon Marlensky,” the only consistent leftist remaining, as far as he is concerned. Here, he sounds off a bit over the Charleston, SC coverage. I have reprinted this here with Leon’s permission. Dear Jack: In the wake […]

The events of Rachel Dolezal and “Caitlyn” Jenner are classic textbook case studies in the intellectual and moral incoherence of the contemporary leftist/progressive worldview. Dolezal is a biologically white person who has spent years passing herself off as black. She […]

Leon Marlensky (an alias for a fellow academic who wishes to remain anonymous) elaborates more on his disgust over, as he sees it, the betrayal of progressivism as revealed via the coverage of the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner issue. To Those of […]

“Leon Marlensky” is an alias that a fellow academic insists upon using in order to protect his identity. “Leon” insists that he is the last of the true leftists, that “the right,” as he calls it, has won.  The coverage […]

St. Louis University, a Roman Catholic institution of “higher learning,” capitulated to student and faculty demands to remove a 19th century statue from campus. The statue, which commemorates the missionary efforts of Jesuit priest, Pierre-Jean De Smet, depicts the latter […]

Lee Gwira is a lawyer, friend, and all around bright guy.  Below, Lee takes a sledgehammer to the prevailing (left-wing) narrative regarding Stand Your Ground laws (SYG), exposing it for the lie that it is.  On the evening of October […]

Unsurprisingly, for his latest stance on the NSA, Rand Paul is now Public Enemy Number One—courtesy of the members of his own party. Rand Paul’s “isolationism” spooks neoconservatives. In light of both the latest blitzkrieg against Rand as well as […]

In 1976, Alex Haley authored the nearly 1,000 page, Roots: The Saga of An American Family. The following year, ABC aired a mini-series that was based upon it. Both book and television show proved to be tremendous successes. Now, the […]