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“Frankenstorm,” the worst storm in American history, is currently beating down upon my home state of New Jersey.  As I write this, there is rain and wind, but nothing in the least bit remarkable—at least not as far as weather […]

As I write this from my New Jersey residence, on the eve of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, one thing is crystal clear to me: our culture remains sexist to the bone.  What is worse, its sexism is of a […]

Sarah Palin is under fire. Early Wednesday morning, in reference to the murderous September 11th attacks on an American embassy in Libya, Palin remarked that “President Obama’s shuck and jive shtick with these Benghazi lies must end.” All too predictably, […]

After the second presidential “town hall” debate, more than one Republican commentator was upset with Mitt Romney for not having put the lie to the misconceptions embodied in some of the questions with which he and his opponent had to […]

Whatever anyone else says, Mitt Romney scored but another decisive victory in his third and final debate with Barack Obama on Monday night. Beforehand, Republicans tended to speak as if they thought that it was all but a foregone conclusion […]

Sometimes, the truth isn’t good enough. Thus says Batman to Jim Gordon in the concluding scene of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.    Americans disagree.  To know anything at all about our public policies and discourse is to know that […]

At the second presidential debate, Barack Obama claimed that within hours of its occurrence, he referred to the September 11th attack on the American embassy inLibya as an “act of terror.” When Mitt Romney proceeded to challenge the President’s veracity […]

The second presidential debate is now history. As was the case in Mitt Romney’s first encounter with President Obama a couple of weeks ago in Denver, the former prevailed. That Obama was feistier than he was in the first debate […]

During the Vice Presidential debate, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan—both Roman Catholics—were asked about their respective views on abortion.  Biden’s answer is one that we have come to expect from Catholic Democrats.  Personally, he said, he shares his Church’s perennial […]

Given all of the precious time that they have invested in talking about the gazillions in debt with which Democrats are saddling future generations, it appears that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have imbibed their party’s conventional wisdom to the […]