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As an astrologer I am always looking for coincidences and interesting links, and the release of a huge solar flare the day that Mars turned retrograde is one of those interesting connections.  Mars represents fire, enthusiasm, drive, it’s an aggressive […]

Thanks as always to Elsa’s Top Ten for providing a link to this wonderful article: zodiac version 2.0 Thousands of years ago, people in primitive cultures looked upwards and imagined patterns and signs in the stars that bespeckled the night […]

I, for one, am glad to see this headline. Ever since newspapers began printing “horoscopes” to sell more papers, real astrologers have been complaining about it. Clarke Fountain says sun sign “horoscopes” are like “trying to funnel the ocean into […]

Art by Cameron Anne MasonThe Sun has moved into Taurus, the sign of the Bull, of earthly delights and pleasures. Taurus is an earth sign and ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. Under the rulership of Venus, Taurus seeks […]

Meanwhile, Robert Wilkinson has a great article today with more information about the sign of Aries: Aries, when freed of the traps of impulsive behavior, egocentric judgments, being too quick to anger and too quick to bail when they lose […]