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Dealing with fire: A flow chart

Some people, like my Aries friends, thrive on a heavy does of fire like the one we’re getting lately. They get energized and don’t mind the sleepless nights as they stay out late dancing the night away. Others of us are a little more disturbed by the force of what we may perceive to be chaos and forces that are beyond our control.

Things are a little easier now than they were when we had six planets in Aries fighting against a few more in Pisces, but there are still five planets in Aries and Mars, the ruler of Aries, is inching towards a conjunction to Jupiter which will expand that force of fire even more.  And let’s not forget Uranus, planet of radical action and electricity, is in Aries and will remain there for quite some time.


Perhaps that’s why there are record wildfires in Texas and California, even though it’s very early in the season, and why a torrent of electromagnetic energy unleashed 62 tornadoes in North Carolina in one day.

Fortunately for us, astrologer Shannon Garcia has provided us with a flow chart to help us effectively channel this energy.  Check it out here.

  • Gavin


    Thanks so much for reproducing this chart.

    My sister is a Leo who has some “growing” to do in terms of working with all that fire and I immediately thought of sending this to her, which I’m going to do.

    Then I realized that my Sun is Taurus, Ascendant is Cancer (a lovely combination, or at least I’m happy with it!), but my Moon is Aries and it has not always been easy to deal with that combination, esp my “hidden” Fire side.

    So this chart was timely for my little sis and ME. Thanks!


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment michaela

    Well this is one Aries who doesn’t fit the stereotypical fire sign or most any of the afield characteristics at all. I think I may have in my younger days, more so than now, but even then, not like most others.
    I have not been enjoying and still am having difficulty with all of the energies.
    I was born on a full moon in Libra. Obviously, even someone who knows just enough to be dangerous about astrology, can see the struggles I often encounter between my sun and Moon. My birth certificate was kept at my mother’s house so that “I” wouldn’t lose it. When she passed away in 2009, my loving siblings, such as they are, decided to go to the house which I grew up in and which they never even lived in, to divide among themselves what “they” wanted to keep that had belonged to my parents,without botheringto call me to participate.
    Last I had? heard we were all going there after the first of the year to do this.
    when I called to find out what was up, they told me they had tried calling me over and over again, but couldn’t get me. Yeah, right, no messages on voicemail. And I only lived 15 miles away. I had told them I needed my birth certificate and I knew where it was. When I found out they had not only cleared out the house, but also sold it, without saying anything to me, all I asked was if any of them thought to get my birth certificate. One sister claimed she had it in a box in her garage and would find it for me. 3 weeks later she said she couldn’t find it and they must have thrown it away accidentally. But I could go pay to get a copy.
    this is only minor behavior of my family. While my mother was dying, my brother, half brother and not a good one or anything resembling any part of the half who adopted him, my father, asked me to give him a dollar amount, “name your price and I’ll see what I can come up with, to have you just disappear forever. Name your price.” And no one in the family, understood why that upset me so
    badly, I couldn’t stop crying for days. They toldme,” Oh, you just need to get over that ”
    “That’s just Mike”. Oh my God? Wtf?
    So, anyway I am still uncertain about the e
    xact time of my birth. I know it was in the pm and between the hours of 5-8. But that can change quite a bit, especially my ascendant.
    Libra, Cancer,Scorpio? Most likely Libra, but man, Scorpio is so much more fitting.
    Anyway my chart has a lot of fire and air. Wonderful!
    For some reason it’s ruled by the Moon.
    Things are so chaotic and unstable right now for me, its painful.
    So please, don’t lump all Aries into a little pile. I know of another Aries who is experiencing extreme upheaval currently, and definitely NOT enjoying it.

  • Kathy


    I would LOVE to read the rest of this article and see the full flow chart. When I click on the “check it out here” link it takes me to a blank document page.

    Help or suggestions?

    Love this info….


  • Lynn Hayes

    Kathy, I’m not sure why the link isn’t working for you but here it is again:

    Michaela, I didn’t mean in this article to say all Aries people were enjoying this energy. I said “my Aries friends” – the Aries people that I know are having a blast. Sorry for the confusion. You didn’t post your date of birth so there’s no way to look at the chart – if you will provide that information I’ll take a peek.

  • Gavin


    A quick note to say how sorry I am that you’re in such pain and confusion at present. It is truly palpable and I’m deeply sorry that your siblings felt your birth certificate was of so little value. I understand; it’s part of who you are.

    Remember: this is all a dream and this too shall pass. Hold on…you will reach calmer waters and ultimately the shore. Life is always nothing if not cyclical and nothing is quite as sure as change.

    I want to recommend an outstanding book to you that I think will be timely in your current situation. It’s called Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley.

    It has revolutionized the way I think and believe and I have a hunch it will do the same for you. Get it used on Amazon for next to nothing.

    Peace be with you, sister.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Andrea

    I just heard of the death of the mother of someone I knew in college in a house fire this morning.

    Sad beyond words, her death is.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Lisa

    Thanks for the fire chart. Thoes of us who have no fire in our charts need to know how to deal with thoes who do and those who have an abundance of fire. I have Neptune 7 Sag….not very firery and Mars 29 Virgo on the IC. I don’t think my Mars knows what to in Virgo. I am getting hit with all of the Aires energy…(Mecury in Libra 6, Pluto Libra 9 both in the fourth). I feel very restricted now. My children need me home with them, especially since one has beed diagnosed with a mild case of Asbergers… but I cannot afford it…I feel restless at my “mom friendly” job. (Planets transting 10th house…and Pluto still in my 6th. no natal planets in the 10th)

    Thanks again for posting the fire flow chart

    Can’t wait for it to get to my Uranus at 25 Libra.

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