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I confess I’m not that interested in the Royal Wedding that occurs today. I wasn’t that interested in Charles and Diana’s wedding either, even though that wedding had much more of the pomp and circumstance that we associate with royalty […]

Astrologers are always hunting for birth information, so we were the first ones on the trail of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Not that we believed he might be from Kenya, but we wanted to be able to construct an accurate […]

Some people, like my Aries friends, thrive on a heavy does of fire like the one we’re getting lately. They get energized and don’t mind the sleepless nights as they stay out late dancing the night away. Others of us […]

As I wrote a few weeks ago, we are in the middle of the second phase of the Saturn Return in the US chart.  The Saturn return occurs every 28-30 years in a chart – whether of an individual, a […]

Today the Sun is in a harmonious sextile to Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing.  Chiron in the natal chart shows where each of us have been wounded, and where the key to our reclaiming the soul lie. When […]

Every page is a new beginning. Venus conjoins Uranus today, and since both are in Aries it’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight, if you heed the siren song of Venus, the planet of love and […]

Easter Week continues at Astrological Musings! Here is an interesting video detailing the pagan sources of the roots of the Christian Easter celebration. This will be a controversial video for Christians, so please proceed at your own risk. There is […]

<a href=””><img title=”Inanna” src=”” alt=”inanna descent into underworld” width=”179″ height=”230″ /></a>Most of the so-called Christian holidays have deep roots in astrotheology, and Easter is no different.  The very dating of Easter, the great holiday of resurrection, is based on the […]

? Nicolas Cage was arrested today for assaulting his wife during an argument over which house was their New Orleans rental house. Mr. Cage is no stranger to tabloid news, having recently lost homes both in New Orleans and Bel […]

The time of the Full Moon, when the Sun in the sky is exactly opposite the Moon from our vantage point on earth, is always a time for balance.  The Sun is our conscious Self – our goals, our visions, […]