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Astrological Musings

The Virgo Full SuperMoon, March 19 2011

SupermoonThe Moon will be full today, Saturday March 19th, at 2:10 pm EDT.  The Moon is full in Virgo, and it is opposite the Pisces Sun in the sky.  The Virgo/Pisces polarity relates to a blending of our experience of life in the material world (Virgo) with our desire to seek a more transcendent experience (Pisces).

As you probably know, this Moon is a Supermoon (® Richard Nolle) and is closer to the Earth than other times of the year (see this earlier article for more information)


When the Moon is full in that solilunar opposition, the influence of the Moon is more powerful, revealing our emotions and instincts and our hidden reactions to unseen events.  The Moon is invisible in daylight, and it is only in the darkness of the unconscious that our deeply ingrained emotional patterns come to light.

This Full Moon is at the end of Virgo which requires an orderly and methodical approach to the realm of feelings.  There is an attention to detail here, and a need to care for the details of life in a body, even as the Pisces Sun urges us to transcend this wordly life for something more magnificent.

But another energetic element is at work in the chart for the Full Moon – the incongruity between the Aries influence (Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury) of aggression and defense combined with the Pisces influence (Sun, Mars and Chiron) that seeks harmony and flow.  Under the influence of this Full Moon we are being called not only to honor the daily rituals and routines (Virgo) of life and self-care, but also to remain strong and vigilant (Aries) while maintaining a grounded (Virgo) attunement to the spiritual forces (Pisces) that keep us evolving as spiritual beings having a human experience.


The Full Moon in Virgo (and therefore the Sun as well)  is approaching an opposition to Uranus, which suggests that even though the Virgo Full Moon has the potential to bring us back down to earth, Uranus will apply more pressure on us to break free of restrictions and become liberated from our obligations.  Virgo’s cautious nature and respect for rules doesn’t respond well to the rulebreaking nature of Uranus, and this Full Moon could bring about some interesting inner turmoil especially since Mercury, Virgo’s traditional ruler, is opposed by Saturn and a celestial education is sure to be applied in some way.

This sort of oppositional tension can be balanced, but it often takes a great deal of attention and awareness to see where in our lives we need to find greater grounding into the material world (Virgo), and where we may have fallen into a rut and need to break free of old patterns (Sun/Uranus) to achieve true bliss (Pisces).


On the 20th the Sun enters Aries and the conjunction to Uranus culminates, so this fever for change will continue for a day or two after the Full Moon.  This Sun/Uranus conjunction is embedded in the chart of the Vernal Equinox and will be affecting us for the next few months, so be prepared for some bumpy roads ahead! I’ll be writing more on the Equinox in Sunday’s post.


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Matthew

    A story – I was in New York for the full moon Lynn. I ended up by a freak bit of luck staying for free in a fantastically swish hotel. My first full day, thursday last week, i felt a bit spaced out and so took care to prepare myself for the day by meditating and getting myself calm. But out on the street (it was St. Patrick’s Day) on a sudden urge i stopped walking and got into a cab. We drove 15 blocks nearer my destination. I paid the fare, but Next time i looked my wallet had gone. I now had 40 cents in my pocket. In disbelief i abandoned all plans and started walking back to my millionaire’s hotel. The sun was very warm, there were revellers everywhere. I felt totally alone and at one point so hungry that i tried to haggle with a vendor and get the price of a banana down from 50 to 40 cents. He wouldn’t do it. Exhausted and a little in shock, i walked the hour back to discover the credit cards had been used, etc etc. But pretty soon my friend had loaned me dollars, the cards were cancelled, i found some fellowship and began to look forward to the work i was in NY to do – leading a workshop with 15 actors over the saturday (full moon) and sunday. This went so beautifully and was so harmonious that as it went along i began to form a new perspective on the events of the trip. It was as though i got myself unconsciously into a space where i could really feel contentment with what i had, in spite of adverse circumstances – 40 cents, the man with nothing living like a King. I am taken care of, in spite of however i judge events. It humbled me as i went into the workshop, and i led without leading, I was straightened out, my ego was right-sized, I could serve the group, and we all experienced a powerful sense of collaboration and community. A disaster was the origin of a sense of profound blessing. x

  • Lynn Hayes

    That’s quite a story Matthew! It smacks of Jupiter and Neptune. You are always to be commended for the depth of your awareness and your presence in the face of life’s day to day oddities.

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