Astrological Musings

Tonight we’ll have a special Musings on Astrology radio show to discuss the upcoming changes of the next few years that I’ve been writing about in the Transformation of 2012 series.

The hour-long show will begin at 7 pm Eastern tonight and there will be time in the second half of the show for you to call in with questions about your own chart.  Please remember these are 5-minute mini readings and best suited for a particular question rather than a general reading.  The call-in number is 646-478-5731.  I suggest that you call in early to hold your place!

To listen live, please click the player below at or after 7 pm tonight.  You can also listen by calling the number above if you’re not near a computer.  After the show is over it will be archived and you can listen to the recording, or subscribe to the show in Itunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Musings on Astrology has been on hiatus but I will begin doing a few shows a month at times to be announced here, and on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

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