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You can find the whole article here.  Meanwhile, here’s a tidbit for the first part of November:

During the month of November three planets will change direction to move forward again and we will begin to feel a shift as energy is freed up for more movement.  When there is a high number of retrograde planets (in October five planets were retrograde) our attention is turned backwards into the past as we reconsider and re-evaluate our path.  In November the path unfolds before us.

The relative peace after the summer’s intensity continues, although if you are experiencing a powerful personal transit this of course will be less true for you.  Chiron and Neptune are about as close as they can get right now without coming to an exact conjunction so the influence of this intensely soul-healing planetary cycles is still affecting us as it has been since early 2009, especially since both planets are stationary in preparation for their change of direction early in the month. Under the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune we have been confronted with ourselves at the deepest level in order to hasten the healing of the soul, and by the end of November as the two begin to separate the intensity will ease as well.

Jupiter is stationary as well as it prepares to turn direct on November 18th, so its influence of optimism and confidence will permeate every action that we take.  Jupiter rarely hits us over the head like the more challenging planets do – we usually have to keep our eyes open to recognize his beneficence.  When you’re looking for the open door you are more likely to find it.

We are lacking the element of Earth right now, with only Pluto in an earth sign.  Earth is the element that grounds us and gives us structure, so if your own chart lacks Earth you may find it more difficult now to live in a 3-dimensional world.  In the northern hemisphere, November marks the time when we turn inwards and anchor ourselves into our home which will help to provide that earthy quality when we most need it.  Those of you in the southern hemisphere who have difficulty grounding may need to use conscious intention to align yourselves with the spirits of the Earth in order to achieve balance.

Other than stationary Chiron and Neptune, which may inspire one last blast of healing force, the first week of November is fairly mellow with a harmonious sextile from Venus to Pluto on the 1st and a peaceful trine of Mercury to Jupiter on the 4th which will create a general sense of well-being.

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