Astrological Musings

Astrological Musings

Me, the flu, and Chiron on the Midheaven

by Lynn Hayes

Last week I contracted a respiratory virus, followed by an intestinal virus and as I lay in bed writhing in agony I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be ironic if I ended up with the swine flu after all of my ranting over the hyping of the flu vaccine?  
As it turns out, I don’t have the swine flu.  But I do think it’s interesting that I started to get sick the day Chiron hit the exact degree of my Midheaven.  Because I’m fascinated with the symbolism of astrology and healing, I have been thinking a lot about this and what it means. 
We typically think of the Midheaven as being the career, or public projection of the Self.  And certainly that is a part of it.  But the Midheaven also represents the “point of highest aspiration” – our true calling and vocation – our true path.
Planets in the natal chart are said to “culminate” when they conjoin the Midheaven, and when a transiting planet moves across the Midheaven it is at its most powerful in its effect on our future direction.  I expected that when Chiron transited my  Midheaven I would have a stronger interest and acuity in the healing aspects of my work, and instead I became ill.  
Illness can be a great teacher too, but we don’t always recognize its teachings until the lesson has passed.  In this case I am realizing that while I attend a great deal to the health of my psyche, I have come to take far less care of the personal ecology of my body.  I indulge in too much chocolate and too little exercise, and t’s really time to start practicing what I preach to strengthen my immune system. 
Chiron is a great teacher, as well as a healer.  However, its lessons are not always easy!
  • Roderick

    Come on Lynn too much chocolate can never be a bad thing. LOL

  • Regina

    Hi Lynn,
    I hope you feel better soon! (I can relate – Mars Rx in Leo brought me the worst head cold I’ve ever had (Mars = head) AND my back went out (Leo = back/spine).) I have a question though – I thought the north node was considered to be “our true calling.” What makes the difference between the north node and the midheaven? Thanks and take care!

  • http://htpp:// Beth Owls Daughter

    Oh, Lynn! I am so sorry you’re going through this; it sounds dreadful. I have been noticing the oddity that so many people are NOW falling quite ill, at the tail end of Winter, rather than in its height.
    Get well soon, and take exquisite care of yourself.
    – Beth

  • Ninth Immortal

    Dear Lynn,
    Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell, although as ever, was grateful for the new post. :)
    Feel better soon.

  • Karen

    Thanks for writing so candidly, Lynn. I love to learn about how the transits play out in real life – not just the “cookbook definitions”.

  • Beaverlodge

    Hi Lunn,
    Here’s a tip when a person is unwell. Use a neti pot and wash the sinuses with salt and baking soda. The balance is 1 1/2 cups very luke warm water and 1/4 tsp of salt and 1/4 tsp of baking soda dissolved in it. This practice is one of the greatest health benefits, google it for demos. It’s as nice as a dip in a lake on a summers day. Feel better soon,

  • Robin

    I know people who DID get flu shots, who got sick anyway, so there are a lot of different viruses out there.
    I was really sick in early December, when Jupiter in Aquarius (10th house) was opposite my natal Chiron in Leo (4th house).
    Take care of yourself, Lynn, and don’t try to do too much too soon.

  • http://www.mataharifilms MAtahari

    Get well soon! X

  • Edna

    And yet, even when you are still recuperating, you rallied to make another informative and educational post. Take real care of yourself, Lynn. We can make it a (very) few days without you.

  • KatD

    I object! About the chocolate. It contains substances that keep the arteries from hardening. The darker the better.
    For the bugs try a clove of garlic, smashed and left for 10 minutes. Then pour boiling water over it, add lemon juice, then honey to taste. A few times a day as soon as you feel something coming on.

  • DD

    Hope you feel better. I am sure you are getting lots of advice, so here is a bit of mine. I discovered by accident how wonderful Reishi Mushrooms are. I take them in a capsule form and also cook with Shiitake Mushrooms often. The Reishi boost the immune sys. and gave me a subtle energy boost from that rung out feeling the flu causes. They are also great just before a workout.

  • Sol

    Well, you falling ill could perhaps have something to do with the numerous planets in Pisces we have as well, especially Mercury..Neptune rules the immunesystem…So with the current Chiron-Neptune conjunction on your MC…Better take care of it the coming year…I guess it will be interesting to see what happens to the swinefluvirus his spring, Chiron will make a swift visit into Pisces, before settling into the NEptune conjunction again.
    Good luck in fighting whatever bug entered your domain, and tnx for the read.
    No vaccine here either, although I think that there is a fairly good chance that it will mutate (again the chiron-neptune thing), so the ppl who have been vaccinated, might do it again…..
    Here is a little discussion about the H1N1 virus astrologically…just in case some of your are curious to know more. The 24 degree in aquarius seems to be potent. The Sabian symbol for that degree is about mutation…
    In my immunesystem I trust !!

  • John C

    Hi Lynn
    I too like chocolate and get bored by working out in the Gym but am conscious of the need to keep fit as well as mindful.
    I was recommended an exercise regime that is fantastic and takes only 10 minutes or so. It’s stems from Yoga and has been used by Tibetan Monks for generations. I have followed all of the different conventional exercises and always found them hard work and sometimes totally ineffective.
    The 5 Rites has blown me away! It is unhurried and not exhausting. By the time I have finished I feel refreshed as well as healthy and it is getting my “sagging bits” back into the proper shape again – as well as losing some weight.
    This is the site to get all the information – enjoy:

  • Gavin

    Hope you’re feeling much better, Lynn.
    The part of your message about illness being instructive reminded me of something the late author, Flannery O’Connor, once said (and I paraphrase): “Pain is more instructive than a trip to Europe. It is the one place no one can go with you.” O’Connor died of lupus at 41.
    I’m so enthused by reading all the comments to this post and am ready to call Randy Martin for a consult, start eating Reishi mushrooms, and begin the Tibetan Rites work out routine.
    I love how we all learn from each other in this forum. Makes my day.
    Peace be with each of us and take great good care of yourself.

  • Joan Porte

    Yup, I know the feeling – I got a rotten headcold with Mars square my natal Mars in the 6th. Even when we know it is out there we get tripped up by those germs

  • A friend

    I wish good recuparation from this flu that you have. Even if I have a different approach regarding the way of the healing.
    A concerned friend.


    I’ve spent half of my life in pain and I figure thats enough!I usually do sun salutations twice a day to maintain flexibility which my pain mgmt. Dr. recommended.Thanks to John C. and sharing your 5 Tibetan Rites with all of us they are phenomenal! I felt my blood pressure lower immediately after doing some! What a wonderful gift!

  • Samudra

    Odd, but we seem to be worst at the same things we’re best at. Natural talent and intuition are hit and miss. Even if we naturally hit more often than not, we still have the task of understanding what we’re doing, of developing skills to handle the talent.
    Therefore I see logic in any astrological configuration having both what looks like a bright and what looks like a shadow side. But which one we see depends on which side of the mirror we’re on. I’m really sorry you’ve been feeling bad. Let me say that again: I’m really sorry you’ve been feeling bad. I’m saying it again because I won’t insult your intelligence by giving in to my natural drive to moralize.
    The Five Tibetans are miraculous. For ten years they’ve been the yoga I could do when I couldn’t bring myself to any other yoga.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Love, health.

  • Leslee

    Yup, Chiron and Neptune squaring my Mars in 10th – just came down with a cold. Hope you’re feeling better, Lynn!

  • Ellen Longo

    Lynn, thank you for your post.
    I was just thinking today about the midheaven because I noticed that Uranus was at the MC, not in my personal chart, but at the moment in the sky.
    I could feel that energy so strongly in my body, a certain buzzing, slightly out of body and yet totally tuned in to bodily sensations. I don’t generally think of the MC as especially related to the body, but perhaps I’m wrong. The Cross of Matter has been related to head, foot, and both arms extended, so maybe each of these points is very bodily related.
    I hope you are feeling much better now.

  • Tami

    Sorry to hear that Chiron laid you up in bed with a bad virus.
    I to have Chiron transiting in a prominent place on my chart IC and also my Chiron Return. My immunity is holding strong but other ailments such as arthritis keep me from enjoying some of life’s adventures. So, perhaps Chiron is just a speed bump in life meant to slow us down a bit so we can visit with our inner selves!
    Healing energy being sent to you.

  • donna

    I had the same thing, but it started with the intestinal then the respiratory. Also tripped and twisted my foot, and hurt my knee.
    It was a rough week for many of us!

  • Nancy Jones

    What is Chiron???

  • tylea

    Chiron is crpssomg my MH as of yesterday, 4/4, and I had a trip of a day…putting on lipstick in my rear view mirror, I nearly hit another car; while going in a restaurant later, I tripped over the threshold but caught myself from falling. I have the infamous Mars/Ur square on my Asc, but this is a bit much. Guess I have to be careful, careful for a few weeks.

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