Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes

    This article is written for the Eastern time zone, please adapt to your own locality
  • Venus is conjunct Neptune on the 8th – a wonderful time for creativity and dreams but rather less suitable for practical work or mental focus especially with the Moon in Sagittarius.
  • Moon enters Capricorn on Tuesday the 9th, bringing a couple of days of focus and discipline.
  • Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 10th – expect a flood of new ideas.
  • Venus enters Pisces on the 11th, bringing with it romance and a creative flow.  
  • Moon moves into Aquarius later on the 11th and brings some dissonance between the romantic Venus and the electrified and impersonal Aquarian Moon.
  • Mercury forms a harmonious trine to Saturn on the 12th and a stressful opposition to Mars- a great couple of days for mental focus and setting goals and intentions if you can sit still long enough.
  • New Moon in Aquarius on the 13th.  (Read more about that later this week)
  • Moon enters Pisces early on the 14th urging us to connect more deeply to Spirit.
  • Sun conjoins Chiron and Neptune on the 14th as they are approaching their exact conjunction – issues of healing and soul growth are illuminated now.
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