Astrological Musings

Astrological Musings

This Full Moon is a Supermoon

by Lynn Hayes


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The Full Moon on January 30st will be a very interesting event – so interesting that it’s getting its own radio show entitled “Fire and the Full Moon.”  It’s not only a powerful Moon astrologically, but it’s at perigee, meaning it’s at its closest proximity to the Earth.  This is why it is so big and beautiful, but it’s also more powerful now.  Spaceweather says it’s the biggest Full Moon of the year, and astrologer Richard Nolle, who coined the term “Supermoon” as far as I can tell, predicts “an increase in coastal flooding due to higher than usual tides, a gaggle of strong storms with high winds and heavy precipitation (triggering inland flooding), and of course an up-tick in moderate to severe seismic activity (including magnitude 5+ earthquakes as well as volcanic eruptions).”
This Full Moon will stoke the fires of our inner aggression and challenge us to direct that fire wisely. The Moon is in the fire sign of Leo – the sign of expressing the Ego and expansion of the Self. The Leo Moon conjoins Mars, also in Leo, and opposes the Sun and Venus which are both in the impersonal (or transpersonal) sign of Aquarius.
The theme of this Full Moon is that of balancing the shadow of the inner fire for self-direction with the solar conscious principle of fairness and justice for all. This balance is not easy to achieve, but we have in the chart of this Full Moon the additional aid of a harmonious sextile between Pluto (transformation) and Jupiter (philosophy and Truth). We are certainly aware that our personal desires (Moon/Mars) are conflicting with what we know to be necessary in order to achieve harmony in our life (Sun/Venus), but we are inspired to seek the ultimate Truth (Jupiter) so that we can let go of the past and shed the old ways that don’t serve us (Pluto).
The chart for this Full Moon also shows the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune which is extremely tight now, within a half of a degree. The opening of the heart and the soul and the flood of outpouring of emotion that can result is more and more intense at this time. This aspect will culminate in February, but its influence begins with this Full Moon.
The gentle guidance of Pluto and Jupiter is offset by the intensity of the Saturn/Pluto square which is only six minutes from exactitude. This combination is rather like the influence a teacher who is gentle in his strong guidance, but who when crossed reveals a formidable temper. Any attempt to deviate from the lesson required by this Full Moon will be met with challenge and the potential for self-destruction. Serious focus is demanded here, but much will be given in return.
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  • Liz

    I’m thinking how will this effect the Healthcare debate. Should be interesting to watch 😉

  • rosa

    my calendar shows the full moon at 10:18 pm today (1/29).


    Twenty-four years ago I was assulted by a relative while water skiing and have had tremendous injuries locked up inside my body! The injuries slowly debilatated me and I’ve spent the last decade just surviving! Today I woke up feeling like I was just givin an ultimate gift of my life back! Whether I’ve been trapped in some very hard-core alignments or this was my destiny I’m greatful for getting my life back!AMEN TO THE ULTIMATE POWER

  • Lynn Hayes

    1/29 Pacific time Rosa – 1/30 Eastern time. I should clarify that, thanks.

  • Alana

    I felt the Supermoon as early as Thursday night, 10:30 p.m. CST, Chicago. I was taking Dogbert out for his before-bedtime walk and when we went out the back door the moon’s light was a belligerent blue/white, (similar to annoying headlights in your rearview mirror) and shone directly on us like a spotlight. I noticed it again when we returned. I closed the door quickly behind us and peered out the window to make sure everything was just as we had left it before we walked in. It was. I think. Yet I had this freaky feeling, something’s different. The light was so eerie.

  • Nick

    This is an amazing astrological event. Even more than the January 15 solar eclipse in my opinion. We’ve got moon conjunct mars in leo opposite sun in auqarius and saturn exactly square pluto. I do think the lesson being learned with the leo in this event is that we can still have our personal fire in this detached, technological, Aquarian world.

  • wilson

    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s … well, for some people that’s time to worry. so get ready time of worries will knock our door on 19th March in the disguise of Super Moon.…ger-for-stocks/

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment kim

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wat a sight??????????awesome…..totally awesome

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