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On January 31st we’ll have a special radio show on the element of Fire in honor of the Leo Full Moon which conjoined the fire planet Mars.  Fire is one of the four Western elements that are found in the astrological symbols, and it serves a valuable role in energizing our lives.  We’ll be talking about what happens when our charts have an abundance of fire, and what can happen when we lack the fire element.

We’ll also talk about the second phase of the square from Saturn to Pluto, and there will be time for first time callers to ask questions about their own chart.  The call-in number is 646-478-5731.
To listen live, click the player below at 11 am Eastern on Sunday January 31st (before then the player will link to last week’s show), or you can listen to the archives or download the podcast (more details and archived shows can be found here)

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