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I’ve posted the December Planetary Illuminations report on my website, and you can read it here.  If you’re a subscriber, you’ll receive your newsletter with the translation into English later today.  If you’re not yet a subscriber (it’s free!) please sign up on my website.  You can also find my daily updates on Facebook and Twitter.

You already know about the Full Moon in Gemini, but here’s more planetary news for the first week of December:

Not only is the Moon in Gemini, the sign that rules the processing of information, but Mercury, the information planet, is very strong at this time. Mercury is in a challenging square to Uranus, suggesting that our ideas and preconceptions about our world (Mercury) will be subject to a radical shift in perspective (Uranus). Mercury is also in a harmonious sextile to the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune which has been in force since early 2009 and continues to affect us. This harmonious aspect helps to soften the challenges of the Mercury/Uranus square (which can heighten anxiety in those who have a more tightly-wound nervous system), and helps to encourage healing (Chiron), creativity (Neptune), and a sense of faith, optimism and good will.

Saturn and Pluto are still in square formation as they will be through February of 2010, forcing the eruption into consciousness (Pluto) of the hard work that needs to be done in order to achieve certain goals and let go of tragedies from the past. The combination of Saturn and Pluto is a powerful one that forces us to face up to hard truths (Saturn) and let go of anything that is holding us back (Pluto) so that transformation can occur. Read more about this powerful cycle here.

The other big news for December is that Uranus turns direct on December 1 after being in retrograde motion since the summer. Planets don’t really move backwards but occasionally from our perspective on Earth they appear to, and we call this “retrograde.” When planets are traveling retrograde, their influence is more personal and can be somewhat inhibited. Uranus, as the planet of innovation and radical new ideas, is less able to implement those new ideas and the radical change for which it is famous when it travels retrograde. With Uranus changing direction and turning direct we are in for some surprises and reversals during the first week of December.

Venus (governing the way we relate to others), which has been in passionate Scorpio for the past few weeks, moves into lighthearted Sagittarius on December 1st which lightens up our relationships and is excellent for any kind of social engagement.

During the first week of December Jupiter (expansion and fulfillment) is approaching a conjunction to Chiron (wounding and healing) which will culminate on December 7. While Jupiter is a beneficent planet that brings good fortune and confidence, it also has a tendency to expand us in many different ways. In conjunction to Chiron, this expansion can open us up to the old wounds that Chiron comes to heal. Ultimately this is an extremely positive experience, but there may be some momentary pain during the week leading up to the exact aspect on December 7.

Uranus forms a harmonious trine to Ceres (nurturing and self-care) on December 3, so for a week before and several days after that time we are inspired (Uranus) to improve our relationship with ourself and our body (Ceres). We may be confused about how best to accomplish with Neptune square to Ceres at the same time (peaking on the 5th). This may result in illness or a lowered immune system that may last until the 10th or so. However, a harmonious sextile from Venus to Saturn (discipline) on December 4 will help us to embrace the concept of working hard (Saturn) in order to achieve the results in our relationships with others and with ourselves (Venus).

Mercury (information processing and the mind) has a busy few days between the 5th and the 7th. First, Mercury enters the disciplined and success-seeking sign of Capricorn on the 5th, making it easier for us to attend to mental matters that require focus and diligence. Then on the 7th Mercury interacts with both Saturn and Pluto (conjunct Pluto, square to Saturn). Pluto intensifies our thinking and potentially adds a compulsive or obsessive quality to our thoughts and expression. Saturn adds focus and discipline but also the potential for negative thinking and communication difficulties. These few days are better for writing, for which solitude is extremely beneficial and enables us to better use the power and strength of Pluto and Saturn. Conferences and negotiation require a sensitivity that will be lacking during this short period.

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