Astrological Musings

The Sun has just entered Virgo today so we’ll be talking about this mysterious and complicated sign.  We also have Mars moving into Cancer on Wednesday where it will form a stressful aspect to Pluto.  Mars/Pluto times can be difficult so we’ll discuss ways to navigate the rough waters. 

I’ll also start a series about the astrological houses, and I’ll be taking your calls about halfway through the show.  The call-in number is 646-478-5731, or you can use the “click to talk” button to avoid toll charges.  When the show is live the “click to talk” button will be at the top of the show page.
To listen live, click the player button below between 10-11 am EDT.  To listen to the archived version just click the same button.
You can subscribe to the archived show as a podcast using Itunes or any other podcatching program.  I’ve put up a page with more details here.  
There will NOT be a show next week as I will be in Raleigh at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo.  

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