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Astrological Musings

Why did Sarah quit?

by Lynn Hayes


Sarah Palin has resigned as Governor of the state of Alaska, effectively dooming any hopes she has to run for President in 2012. This announcement came as a shock to political watchers and to conservatives whose support remained consistent despite the teen pregnancy of her daughter and ethics violations.
The resignation comes on the heels of a dramatic and very public feud between Palin and David Letterman who made some bad jokes that were in very bad taste about Palin’s daughter Bristol, who bore a child out of wedlock.  But this was just the culmination of a media frenzy that dogged her from the moment she was chosen by John McCain to run as his vice-presidential candidate.  Some say that a new Vanity Fair article just tipped her over the edge.
You can read more about Sarah Palin’s astrological chart here, and the noon chart is here. (There is a 4:40 pm birth time floating around but that has never been verified by any legitimate source. However, Leo is rising in that chart and Uranus, ruling surprise and sudden change, was transiting the progressed Midheaven of that chart at the time she was nominated last year.)  
I suspect that Palin’s husband Todd may have been behind her resignation.  He has evidently been her greatest supporter and played an active role in the care of their children, and transiting Pluto (death, rebirth and transformation) has been in a challenging square formation to Venus (relationships) in her chart since January (it came very close last summer at the time she was nominated), and the second phase of that cycle is coming to a head now.  A transit of Pluto to Venus can be very difficult for a marriage that is not in good shape, and any unsettled business is sure to come to a head under this influence.  
Palin is also going through a stressful transit of Chiron over the triple conjunction of the Sun, Mars and Saturn in her chart that began back in February.  She is much more sensitive than she would otherwise be, and any feelings of self-doubt and shame (Sun/Saturn) will be exacerbated now.  
It will be interesting to see if Palin has a political future.  She was not overly popular in her home state of Alaska, and erupted into the consciousness of the US primarily as a symbol for the fading right wing of the Republican party.  Much depends on how the opposition of Saturn (convention) and Uranus (change) plays out over the next year.  If a balance is struck between conservativism and liberalism in the US, there will be no need for someone like Palin who generates such extremes of emotion.  But if the polarities continue to separate we will see the growing use of caricatures as political figures rather than intelligent operators who can handle the world stage.
  • cimbalok

    I read on Raw Story that there is speculation that a scandal involving the building of her house is about to be revealed. I would not be surprised if she was forced to resign as damage control. She isn’t the kind of person who would resign just for fun.

  • Your Name

    Transiting Pluto squaring her natal Venus is very telling. I doubt her decision has much to do with her marriage as it does the real affects that her current political life might have on her children. Pluto is traveling her fifth squaring the ruler of her tenth. I find the 4:40 time more appropriate and actually think it may be somewhat later by ten to twenty minutes. Progressed Mars is also sitting on that Venus. Additionally her Progressed Venus is Squaring her natal Mars, Sun, Saturn conjunction; while her Progressed Moon is in a Yod to her MC/Chiron positions, while her progressed Sun is in Yod to Uranus and the descendant; and while the transiting Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron triumvirate hits her progressed ascendant. This action is due to internal changes with so many progressed planets activating her chart. There is talk of her now being appointed to Sen Stevens open senate seat. But with her transiting Saturn travelling the 1st quadrant of her chart, I doubt that is her intention. That transiting Pluto in her fifth is telling. With the smucky Letterman vilification and now a shameless smarmy piece in HuffPo, (HuffPoster: ‘Palin Will Run In ‘12 On More Retardation Platform’)
    her pullback is understandable and rather gutsy.

  • chiron

    Sorry. The above post belongs to Chiron.

  • Julie in Boston

    Hi Lynn: I pray you are right that her political career has ended. I have heard for weeks about some sort of criminal scandal in Alaska that is about to unfold. I saw all the touchiness about the supposed insults to her family as a smoke screen for something. We will have to wait and see.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Interesting, all. Jill ( has a link to this article on the Brad Blog:

  • sarahj

    Note: Sen Stevens seat is not open. A democrat won that seat in the election. After Stevens was un-invited to prison, Palin called for the elected Democrat to step down and let Stevens take the seat back. Odd behavior, for sure.
    This is more erratic behavior from her. What stands out the most with Palin is a serious mental disorder, where she sees herself as a victim and is full of alternating rage and self-pity. I haven’t yet heard her take responsibility for anything.
    Of course, I feel badly for her children and hope that all goes the way it needs to for their sake.
    I do hope that since this happened on an eclipse, it will be rather permanent. America doesn’t need this kind of erratic behavior in her leaders.

  • shawn

    mars transit thru taurus seems to have acted as the trigger for her resignation as it squared her aquarius stellium and opposed her neptune, suggesting great frustration, intrigue, handwringing, and gnashing of teeth. are the chickens coming home to roost?

  • Southeast0027

    Interesting dicussion!

  • Neema

    Dear Lynn
    Very interesting analysis on Sarah’s sudden resignation. Thanks.
    I also request your help and advice regarding my career and life. I am going through a very distressing phase in my life. I had a great career for 10 years and was working at a senior management level, when suddenly without any reason, around two and a half years back my career came to an end. From an ambituious, confident person I am reduced to a sad and beaten personality. Not only have I lost my job, I have lost my health and happiness.
    Lynn, would I ever come out of this situation? When would I get a job? Would I ever be my former self again?
    Thank you so much for taking time out to look into my issue.

  • PAT D

    ‘Use of caricatures as political figures rather than intelligent operators who can handle the world stage.’

  • Jean

    I was struck by your statement that Palin generates extremes of emotion. I’ve thought about this often, as I’ve been surprised at the number of supporters she has. I dislike her intensely.I haven’t felt this much negativity for a politician since Jesse Helms, Rep. from NC in the 70’s.I’m typically tolerant of people I don’t agree with. When I hear her speak I feel rage.
    Lynn would you tell us more about this? I’m intrigued.

  • EyesWideOpen

    Sounds like a lot of Dems blog here.
    If you are concerned at all for the unification of America, why not spend less energy focusing on “disliking her intensely” and keeping your wits about you as a snake ruins your great land.
    If you could see the petty b*tching about Sarah Palin from another country’s pov, then you people would be ashamed.
    Get a life and leave the woman alone.

  • rugamo

    Mrs Palin has completed a cycle of her life in the political business. A lot of personal things from her private life came out to the public while being nominated for vice_President of the US by the republican party.
    I admire Mrs Palin courage to accept the challenge of being the next US vice-President, and respect her for being a woman, a wife and a mother.
    Whether or not Mrs Palin did mistakes speaks only of her as a human being like most of us………….and we are here on earth to learn from our own doings.
    I understand that everything in life has a start and an end. But the commitment to a family last forever. Family comes first.
    I celebrate her decision and wish her good luck!

  • EyesWideOpen

    The media scrutiny of this woman has been OTT!
    Just adding this to the mix seeings some people only want to follow scandalous information.
    From your FBI folks… know who they are?
    “”I can say definitively I am aware of no criminal investigation whatsoever involving Sarah Palin. Zero,” the governor’s lawyer told the Anchorage Daily News.
    The FBI has said the same of Palin.
    “There is absolutely no truth to those rumours we’re investigating her or getting ready to indict her,” Special Agent Eric Gonzalez, the bureau’s Alaska spokesman, told the Tribune’s Washington Bureau.”
    And who said she has finished her political cycle?
    Do you have a crystal ball?

  • Kieron

    And Republicans *never* wallow in scandal, intrigue and bitching, never! Republicans are always virtuous and fair, and let’s not forget compassionate. Maybe you should open your eyes a bit wider, whereby to see the log in your own eye before complaining about the speck in mine.
    As for that woman, I say she’s another distraction, like MJ, while more pressing problems are trivialized.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Jean asks:
    I suspect that this has a lot to do with the square of Neptune to the Sun in Palin’s chart. Obama has the same thing, and it’s interesting to me that in both cases there is a bigger-than-life adoration/hatred for these people. Some people see Obama as Hitler, some as the Messiah. (Although that is lessening as we get to know him better.) Neptune creates a shroud of mist when it aspects the Sun, and it becomes easy for us to hang our own projection of what we think these people are like.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Neema writes,
    “I also request your help and advice regarding my career and life. I am going through a very distressing phase in my life. I had a great career for 10 years and was working at a senior management level, when suddenly without any reason, around two and a half years back my career came to an end. From an ambituious, confident person I am reduced to a sad and beaten personality. Not only have I lost my job, I have lost my health and happiness. Lynn, would I ever come out of this situation? When would I get a job? Would I ever be my former self again?”
    And she sent me her birth info. Neema, around that time Saturn was transiting Venus in your chart, and Venus is in the 10th house of career so I suspect that there were some interpersonal issues that caused the loss of your job. Saturn continued to transit your 10th house, affecting your career until the fall of 2008. At that point Pluto began a square of Pluto in your birthchart. We call that the “Pluto Square.”
    You don’t have a difficult chart – in fact, you have a Grand Trine in fire between Mars (in Aries, where it is the most powerful), Neptune, and a conjunction of Mercury to Venus WIth the Grand Trine things have come easily for you, and as a consequence you have not had the opportunity to develop an inner source of strength.
    That is the opportunity that faces you now. The Pluto Square will force you to face obstacles and develop those inner resources. Try to think of it as a training ground rather like boot camp, where you are forced to become stronger and more powerful. Then it will be easier for you to use the sheer force of that Aries Mars to assert your will and become powerful again.

  • Dawn

    Why did Sarah quit? Why did Farah-Farah quit Charlie’s Angels?
    Might it, perchance, be attributable to the Aquarian element of surprise?
    Sarah Palin is strongly Aquarian: the notable hair, the devotion to social ideals at the seeming expense of mundane obligations, a masculine fixity, and, despite howls of protest from small-minded critics–what will eventually prove to be stunning far-sightedness and breadth of vision. Lincoln was an Aquarius.
    Palin is intelligent, charismatic, a hard-worker, mother of a fairly large family, and good-hearted and brave enough to bear and raise a child with Down Syndrome.
    She is a true-blue American, a wonderfully successful female, and it is a disgrace to see the Michael Douglas-reject Maureen Dowd, who has never accomplished anything of significance, call her “crazy” to the cheers and jeers of the NYT madding crowd….
    The same phonies who are always b*tching and whining about Women’s Lib and Sisterhood…as long as they are the unchallenged presidents of the clubs and all the “sistahs” march in lockstep to their silly tunes.
    Aquarians have an uncanny sense of timing. The house of cards is about to collapse, and Palin will be well-positioned to help pick up the pieces. To lead the charge of the Aquarian “light” brigade.

  • Chiron

    Maureen Dowd? oh you mean the plagiarist?

  • Chiron

    In a land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

  • Jeanne

    Lynn, thanks so much for your response to my question about my anger when I hear Sarah Palin speak. It’s bothered me because I’m usually so tolerant and I feel guilty for getting so angry at someone who’s only daring to speak her mind publicly, which she has a right to do.
    Your response makes a lot of sense to me and I think you are very wise.

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