Astrological Musings

Astrological Musings

Weekend Skywatch, April 11-13, 2009

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

Mercury is trine Pluto today, offering us an opportunity to go deeper into the mental realms.  This desire for a depth of experience and understanding may cause us to pull within so this isn’t the best of days for social opportunities.  If you go to a party today you will want to find someone to sit in a corner with and discuss the meaning of life. 

Venus retrogrades back into Pisces where she will remain at the last degree where she will assist us in completing the process of repairing and reframing relationships from our past.  This trip into the past has not been easy for some, but now we will be able to wrap up all that we’ve learned so that we can move into the future with greater understanding of how we operate in our relationships with others.

The Moon is quite active Saturday with a series of harmonious aspects that will help to keep us emotionally balanced and yet interested in all aspects of our lives.  Beginning with a harmonious sextile to Saturn at around 11, we will feel more integrated and able to tackle all of our responsibilities.  Hopefully this will assist me in my closet project today!!

Later this evening (around 9 pm) the Moon forms a square to Jupiter which is not as challenging as most squares, there is simply more of a feeling of restlessness and a desire to bring more positive things into our life.  A trine to Mars at around 10:30 pm EDT is energizing and good for enjoying a night out on the town.

Early Sunday morning, at around 3 am EDT, the Moon forms a trine to Uranus which can be exciting and bring forth lots of ideas while on the East coast we are sleeping.  This will be quickly followed by a challenging square to Chiron and Neptune between 4:30 and 6 am EDT which could cause us to be more sensitive and perhaps somewhat confused about how we really feel about things.  

By the late morning a greater sense of peacefulness settles in, peaking at about 1:30 with a trine of the Moon to Venus.  This is also a tremendously creative aspect, making this a good time for making or listening to music or working on an art project.  Our hearts are more open to love under this aspect as well.

The Moon leaves the intensity of Scorpio for Sagittarius at 2:01 pm EDT, and our hearts fly high, ready for adventure!

On Monday April 13 there are few planetary aspects to consider until early evening when the Moon will form a challenging square to Saturn which culminates at around 9 pm.  The expansive Sagittarian Moon is particularly uncomfortable with Saturn’s pressure for more seriousness, and we may at that time feel somewhat inhibited and restricted.  However, we can take advantage of Saturn’s insistence on discipline to complete or begin a project that requires a certain amount of structures.

    Well my marriage is on the ropes, if that’s anything to do with anything.
    I have a business partner acting out, my mentors are all dead, my friends
    die suddenly, I’m sacked for not being famous enough from juicy jobs I
    never applied for but was offered nonetheless; the money’s running out
    and middle age is definitely here to stay. Apart from all that, it’s all going rather well! X

  • mmagnolia

    Dear Matahari,
    Rainbows must be nearby…. 4U!

  • Kosmic

    Well Matahari…your sardonic wit and tale of hard changes inspires me to ask: What is the gift in all this for you?
    I have T Pluto in Capricorn opposing my Moon…and stuff I thought dead and buried has resurrected in the form of old insecurities and I am involved with a newly non committal Capricorn male…who has me hating and Loving all in the same breath…Sooo … I am told to work it out…Stay present and focused and not blame anything or anyone…Which sometimes totally sucks…However it is the truth …not even the planets are to blame! Blank it to Hell! So here is the gift in working out the relationship to myself I will work out the relationship to him and to others….sounds trite…it ain’t it is work but it has rewards …for which gratitude plays an important if not huge role in….deep prolonged sigh.
    May jupiter visit you and sit on your right shoulder…and may you be covered and infused with love.
    Cheers! Kosmic

  • matahari

    Thanks Kosmic, for your pragmatic positivity. The reminder to find gratitude is appreciated. Great practice at not taking things personally. As an Aquarian with 5 Aquarian planets in Aquarius I’m hopeful of Jupiter’s help. And there has been a lot more love about today. x

  • Lynn Hayes

    How blessed am I to have such wise commenters, Kosmic and Matahari!

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