Astrological Musings

I’m down with a flu bug and spent most of my intellectual energy writing the Skywatch article yesterday so today I’m offering up a cornucopia of links from my friends.  Enjoy!

  • Dharmaruci is no fan of Gordon Brown and tells us why.
  • Kathryn writes on the Pluto retrograde period coming up.
  • Twilight breaks down the astrology of American Idol Adam Lambert.
  • Melody and Kat Starwolf have a new blog: The Astrology of Conspiracy.  Looks interesting!
  • Matthew reveals the insanity that is Glenn Beck.
  • Deirdre’s blog, which I have just added to my blogroll, adds poetry to the daily planetscape.
I’m updating my blogroll and removing some of the blogs that haven’t been updated for quite some time, and adding some of the newer blogs that are quite good.  If your blog has been removed from my list and you’d like it reposted just let me know.
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