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Astrological Musings

Ceres and the Swine Flu Connection

by Lynn Hayes

One of the interesting blogs you’ll find in my blogroll is Todd Chapman’s “Through the Looking Glass.”  Todd is an avid watcher of meaningful connections, and he has over time made an fascinating study of connections involving Ceres.  Todd writes

Anyone familiar with my entire body of work will surely know that some of my earliest posts centered around the ancient mid-April festival of Cerealia, held in the honor of the Roman Goddess CERES. One of the “highlights” of the Cerealia was the porca pracidanea, the ritual sacrifice of a PIG. In previous articles over the past two years, I have attempted to exhibit some the “pork” related happenings which also seem to coincide with a bloodier human ritual which has become common place during approximately the same dates of mid-April [see Ok. City, Columbine, Virgina Tech]


The festival of Cerealia occurred around April 12 to April 19, although the exact timing is now unknown. The image of Ceres, like Aphrodite and the other goddesses of the ancient world, has been watered down over the years.  Rather than the benign earth mother guise in which she appears today, in ancient Rome and in Greece as Demeter she could be a rather frightening figure who had complete control over the survival of humanity.  Remember that when her daughter was lost in the underworld Ceres/Demeter in her grief allowed her people to starve to death.

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with the connection of the mass shootings that occurred in mid-April this year to the Cerealia festival, and now the eruption of the swine flu at this time is certainly an interesting coincidence.  The predominance of mass murders in the month of April has caused more than a few raised eyebrows.  The siege in Waco occurred on April 19 1993.  The Oklahoma City bombings occurred on April 19 1995.  The Columbine murders occurred on April 20 1999.  The Virginia Tech murders took place on April 16 2007.  
The fact that the swine flu erupted into the news at precisely the time of year as the Cerealia festival which centered around the sacrifice of a pig is an interesting coincidence.  But rather than being an Illuminati conspiracy of Satan worship and mind control, I believe that this type of coincidence programs us to pay attention to our place in the natural world.  
  • Todd Campbell

    Hi Lynn! I have been an admirer of your work for quite some time. I am a BIG believer in being AWARE myself. In fact that is really my major goal with the blog. Be it “the natural” world or darker kabals…which do exist. Being aware that they exist is just as an important part of our relation to the world as anything else.
    Thanks so much for the mention!!!!!!

  • Kat Starwolf

    Hi Lynn,
    Could it also be possible that the Illuminati/darker forces in our governments might also be very well aware of the astrological significance during this time and use it to their advantage?

  • Todd Campbell

    I think that is a matter of fact myself Kat. They aren’t illuminated for nothing…
    Of course, I would love to hear a response from Lynn.

  • Lynn Hayes

    Hi Todd, it’s nice to meet you! And we all know that the Nazis used astrology extensively to plan their debacle, and Reagan of course, and it seemed to work well for JP Morgan, so how many other people that we DON’T know about are using astrology to their advantage?

  • Mike

    The “swine flu” is a media feeding frenzy, nothing more. The regular flu kills 38,000 people a year but I’m not afraid that I’m going to die of it.

  • Mary H Ruth

    Lynn – Well, this is illuminating, indeed.
    Interesting that the earth mother ‘allowed her people to starve to death’ for love of her daughter. The urgency of so many issues right now reflects these kinds of fundamental choices. Abraham would have sacrificed his son (was that in April, too?) but Ceres values her offspring more than life.
    When the flus and other devils are unleashed, there’s no more time to dilly-dally. You have to perform or get off the pot, if I may be so crass.

  • ahrcanum

    Maybe the Lyrids and other meteors brought a bit of a mutation down with them.

  • Joane

    Reading the Ceres article, it occurred to me that the sinking of the Titanic also took place within that April 12-19 period. Wonder if there’s any connection that can be made there.
    Lynn, you are right on top of world events in a very interesting way. Thanks!

  • Lynn Hayes

    Yikes, you’re right Joane – it was April 14th. It would be interesting to go back through history and see how many such pivotal events took place at this time. The (tropical) zero Aries point is a significant degree because it is the very beginning of the zodiac and it typically occurs between the 19-21 of April which is where this cluster of events seems to occur. I wonder if the Ceres connection is actually more accidental and has more to do with Persephone arising in the spring, the time of Aries.

  • Kaden

    You can use this to scan specific dates easily…
    Bay of *Pigs*… April 17th 1961
    then there’s always the “ritual sacrifice” of US Tax Day April 15th : (~

  • Diane Vera

    Some possible mundane reasons for a larger-than-normal amount of mass murders in mid-to-late April:
    1) Some political extremists might see mass shootings, bombings, etc. as an appropriate way to commemorate Hitler’s birthday on April 20.
    2) April is when the weather starts to get warm. Perhaps mass murderers, like other people, prefer not to be outdoors when it’s cold. Perhaps, for that reason alone, mid-spring might be their preferred time to carry out plans that were hatched during the winter.
    Anyhow, conspiracy theories of this kind are not just a spooky entertainment. They are a rising form of bigotry, vilifying modern Pagans, occultists, and Satanists in much the same way that the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” vilified Jews. It is alleged that the world is secretly ruled by a modern Pagan and “Satanist” elite who plan to kill off most of the world’s population and who celebrate their holy days with mass human sacrifices that are allegedly performed, not by the elite Pagans and “Satanists” themselves, but indirectly via mind-controlled Manchurian candidates.

  • Todd Campbell

    Lynn! Good to meet you too! Thanks for the mention!
    A couple of things…Commenting to Mary H. Ruth…Deeper research will show that Ceres/Demeter wasn’t just a caring mother, she was also quite vengeful, and took her anger out on mankind by smiting crops and bringing famine.
    To Diane Vera…I am far from a bigot. I realize that there are many in the “patriot movement” and conspiracy circles who have an agenda of marginalizing specific groups. I try VERY hard to look ONLY at individual situations and circumstances. This other form of hatred is most likely misplaced or flat out disinformation used to make the masses view ALL conspiracy theory as crackpot bigotry.

  • Your Name

    Very interesting and something I’d like to learn more about as Ceres was not a Goddess I studied much!
    With reference to Diane’s post – the Spring this is still very intriguing and I’d like to know if the “killings” etc. happen in the Southern Hemisphere as much – this might indicate whether it’s more a seasonal occurance or tied in with astrological influences as in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s getting cold in April!

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