Astrological Musings

by Lynn Hayes.  This is written for Eastern time zone – please adjust accordingly for your own part of the world.

We are already approaching a challenging square from Mercury to Pluto that will culminate tomorrow morning at around 8 am EDT, adding intensity to our thoughts and communication that can lead to power struggles for our friends in Europe and Asia who will be in the middle of their workday at that time.  With any transit to Pluto there is an opportunity to go deeper, and conflicts usually only arise if we avoid taking that detour that goes a little more completely into that which is real. A harmonious sextile from the Moon to Jupiter will help us to feel more magnanimous and generous as we approach difficult situations in a way that accommodates all points of view.

The Sun conjoins Venus at 3:24 pm EDT, making Friday the day that Venus cannot be seen.  Still, the Sun illuminates the attractive power of Venus, so this is can be a day of socializing and focusing on our relationships with others.  Creativity is also suggested here, with a desire to create that which is beautiful and adds luxury to our lives. 

Later in the evening the Moon harmonizes with both Chiron and Neptune as it approaches conjunctions to both planets in the early evening.  Any tension created by the square of Mercury to Pluto will be softened and it will be easier for the heart (Moon) to be open and compassionate as Neptune enhances the desire for an experience that is more uplifting and connected to Truth.  
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