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I’m going to try an experiment and make an attempt to provide daily updates on the smaller planetary cycles. Partly this is for my own use, to help me to stay aligned with the planetary motions, and partly it’s for you, dear readers.  I hope you find it useful.

Today is the big Eclipse, which features seven planets tightly aligned within a 30 degree range.  Mercury (mind) has just conjoined Mars (war) in the practical sign of Capricorn, and there is a strong focus on doing that which is necessary to achieve one’s goals.  
There are five planets in Aquarius, the sign of social justice and innovation, making this an incredible time to embrace change and “newness.”  The New Moon includes a conjunction to Jupiter, which makes this a beneficial time for new beginnings.  There is a strong desire now to break free from any restrictions that are binding us and keeping us from breaking old patterns and making a fresh start.  
At the same time, Venus (relationships and values) has just separated from a conjunction to Uranus, planet of the revolutionary and ruler of Aquarius.  This connects our desire to relate to others (Venus) with the Aquarian theme and enhancing it even more.  Change, change change – it’s a powerful influence now.  Venus and Uranus are opposed by Saturn, the Lord of restriction and confinement, putting the brakes on the radical behavior and requiring a more disciplined approach which mirrors the presence of Mars and Mercury in Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler.  
Ideally, we will bring the two influences of Saturn/Capricorn, requiring a planned and practical path, and Uranus/Aquarius, presenting the urge to break free from the past, into balance.  Mars, guiding our drive and desire, is one day past an exact trine (harmonious aspect) to Saturn’s urge for practical achievement and this is a great help in our efforts to achieve true balance here.
Tomorrow the Moon will bridge Chiron (the healer and wounder) and Neptune (god of spirit and compassion) and our emotional sensitivity will be heightened.  Until then, reason and ideas are the ruler of the day.  
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