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Skywatch is up on my website, and here is a snippet to cover the first week:

As October begins we are still in a shortage of the fire element and Mercury is retrograde, two factors that can make it difficult to accomplish anything.  Mercury will remain retrograde until October 15, and this is a great time for planning and re-evaluating plans and goals, but it’s not the best time to implement them.  (Just tell the US Congress which is back at the drawing board trying to figure out a way to outsmart Pluto’s effect in the financial markets.)  Physical energy may be low as well, since fire provides our drive and energy.  This will be alleviated somewhat on October 2nd when Mars forms a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Pluto, helping us to focus and intensify (Pluto) that physical energy and drive (Mars) in more effective ways.

That intensification continues on October 4 when Mars enters Pluto’s sign of Scorpio.  Mars was the ancient ruler of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered, and the two planets are still considered co-rulers.  The Mars rulership describes the fiery nature of Scorpio – it’s an emotional fire that burns deep and requires great courage in order to face the depths that lie within us.  With Mars in Scorpio (until mid-November) expect to see more emotional intensity and passion behind all of our actions.  

A trine of Mercury (thoughts) to Chiron (healing), also on the 4th, reveals an opportunity for a day before and after the 4th to heal some of this intensity and bring greater wisdom.  This overlaps with a sextile from Venus to Jupiter on the 5th, expanding (Jupiter) our ability to express our affection and sociability (Venus), making this a lovely time to get together with friends.  There is a tendency to be somewhat self-indulgent here that will be emphasized on the 6th when Mercury conflicts with Jupiter and brings about the potential for arguments.  

These events each last no more than a day or two and their overlapping influence may create some confusion.  One day things are rosy (Venus/Jupiter and then Venus sextile Saturn on the 7th), and the next day there are arguments (Mercury/Jupiter followed by Venus square Chiron on the 7th).  The square of Venus to Chiron will force us to confront areas of hurt, which can manifest either in ourselves or others in our life.  

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