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duchovny.jpgDavid Duchovny of X-files fame was released today from the rehab clinic in which he was being treated for sexual addiction.  Duchovny has been trailed throughout his career by rumors of infidelity and affairs, and this continued throughout his marriage to Tea Leoni.  It is widely reported that an ultimatum from Leoni drove Duchovny to seek treatment.  In an odd example of life imitating art, Duchovny has been starring in Showtime’s “Californication” in which he plays a character who is obsessed with sex. 

Duchovny’s chart (8/7/1960, time unknown, NYC) provides some background for Duchovny’s compulsive need to express himself sexually.  Duchovny’s Sun is in Leo, widely conjunct Uranus.  The Sun/Uranus combination suggests an individual who requires a great deal of stimulation, and in Leo there is a tendency to become focused on one’s own needs to the exclusion of the needs of others.  Duchovny’s chart is short on the water element and he lacks a certain amount of empathy, although with Mercury in Cancer he does tend to want to take care of and nurture (Cancer) those around him.  
Venus is also in Leo, and it too conjuncts Uranus so his relationship needs (Venus) are tied up in this need for stimulation and autonomy (Uranus).  This can make committing to one person difficult.  Duchovny’s Mars is in Gemini, the sign of change and flexibility, making it easy for him to slip from one role to another, and this Mars is squared by both Pluto and Chiron.  Mars and Pluto both signify an aspect of sexuality: Mars rules the physical drive and Pluto the compulsive yet transformative intensity of sexual energy, and when these two planets combine in the birthchart we can often get behavior that leans to the compulsive side. The fact that Chiron (wounding and healing) opposes Pluto and squares Mars shows a painful difficulty (Chiron) in balancing these energies; it becomes easier to try to release them, and release them, and release them.  
When filming on the show Californication began back in March and April of 2007, transiting Saturn was conjunct Duchovny’s Venus and then proceeded to retrograde back and forth over Venus and Uranus in his chart, moving on to conjunct Pluto and square Mars later in the summer as the show began to air.  This pressure (Saturn) on these sensitive points in the chart likely created a sense within him of restriction that was very difficult to bear; meanwhile the sexuality of the show would have maintained a nearly irresistible steady stimulus.
Moreover, Duchovny’s progressed Sun had been moving through Virgo for the past 30 years and just moved into Libra in January of 2008.  The movement of a progressed planet into a new sign is usually a major event in the life of an individual.  Transiting Pluto in Capricorn was squaring that progressed Sun as it changed signs, and this event can set off a cataclysm of events that lead ultimately to total transformation of the person that we want to be as represented by the progressed Sun.  The progressed Libra Sun wants to be partnered; wants to be in relationship and feel in balance in the world through becoming aligned with another soul.  
Duchovny entered rehab when transiting Saturn was in exact trine (harmonious aspect) to Saturn in his chart.  The harmonious cycles of Saturn make it easy for us to be more responsible and give us greater discipline that we may otherwise lack, so this is a great time for David to learn self-control.  With transiting Pluto setting off his progressed Sun, there will be great changes but there is also an opportunity to delve into the Underworld (Pluto) to dredge up the darkness that lies within in order to create transformation in our lives. 
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