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If you’re interested in the previous posts on the Blast Conference and my trip to Sedona, catch up here and here.  Saturday morning I took a bit of time off to have a leisurely breakfast, and arrived at the conference in time to catch the end of Philip Sedgwick‘s talk on “Our new Solar System.”  Philip was one of the first astrologers to use the Galactic Center in astrological charts, and he makes a radical departure from the more traditional astrologers here at the conference by saying that the new astrology will learn to utilize all of the new “deities” as they are discovered in the solar system.  We already have Eris, Sedna, and Quoar, and many more will soon be discovered.  I have to say this is a bit overwhelming.  Some of the new planets, such as Eris, seem to have a lot of resonance and I’m starting to work with them.  Others, such as Sedna, have not yet begun speaking.
Next I attended a lecture by Jessica Murray, the author of Soul Sick Nation, the excellent book on the US astrological chart which I reviewed last year and which is available in the “Recommended Reading” bookstore in the sidebar. Jessica spoke on Saturn, my favorite planet (he sits right on my Sun, and it was either learn to love him or kill myself!!).  Jessica says, “It’s time we decriminalized Saturn” which I felt was very well put.  Here’s is a collection of potent quotes from her lecture:
  • “We need to look at Saturn experiences as humblings rather than humiliations.”
  • “Saturn is the code in the script of the birthchart that specifies the challenges we will face in life.”
  • “Saturn rules gravity, and we should look at Saturn’s hardships as being just like gravity – expected and normal.”
  • “Over time, Saturn gives us the freedom not to wonder about who we are.”
  • “Without respect for the Saturn archetype we become lost and dangerous children doing harm to our world.”  

I spent the afternoon in a workshop with Ray Merriman on Financial Market Timing.  As my 


readers know, I’m very interested in the connection between astrological cycles and the financial world.  Ray had spoken the previous evening about the connection between facets of our charts and the way we approach money, and that was quite interesting.   The afternoon workshop though was geared more towards financial experts and I found myself a bit over my head.  The work Ray does is extremely interesting and while astrology is a part of it, it is  only a small part.  He has identified a number of different time cycles within which the markets rise and fall, and these cycles are not connected to astrological cycles.  There’s a 90 year cycle, 52 year, six and four year cycles, etc.  It was interesting to see how the rise and fall of the markets connect with these cycles, and I learned a great deal about trading cycles (especially I learned how little I know!!) and the timing of the crash that many of us are expecting, which is likely to be in the period between the end of 2009 when Saturn goes into Libra and 2016 when many of these cycles are due to bottom out.  

Here are a few astrological tidbits that came out in the workshop:

  • The sign that Uranus is in shows where the bubble will be.  When Uranus is at the end of one sign and the beginning of the next (with a 7-year range), the markets bottom out.
  • Saturn or Pluto in cardinal signs historically have marked drops in the markets. 
  • The sign that Saturn is in is the sector where either prices fall or shortages occur, resulting in price increases.
  • Recoveries often occur about five years before Pluto enters the next sign.

Ray thinks we’re at the end of the oil peak – he correlates “peak oil” to Uranus (signifying the bubble in his terms) in Pisces (liquids), and that in the second half of Uranus in a sign the bubble pops, which we’re seeing now in the fall of oil prices, according to Ray.  When Uranus goes into Aries he thinks oil will stabilize and the bubble will then be in weaponry and other Aries-type things. 

Then he talked about trading timing (many of the attendees were day traders who evidently subscribed to Ray’s newsletter).  One interesting thing to me is that planetary signatures don’t always signify ups or downs; they signify reversals in the market.  Mercury retrograde is somewhat reliable, and there is usually a 4% move within 4 trading days after Mercury changes direction.  Technical analysis is unreliable then, but instincts and intuition can be stronger according to Ray.  Evidently Venus changes of direction are consistently reliable in signifying market shifts.  When Saturn and Uranus changes direction there is a big shift within 11 days after Saturn goes retrograde, and after Uranus goes either Rx or direct.

I certainly don’t feel ready now to start day trading, but I do feel inspired to learn more about trading and especially, to watch my own transits and those of the current day when I’m making impulsive investments!

Unfortunately a minor medical emergency kept me from attending yesterday’s events (don’t worry, I’m fine now) which would have included my friend Steve Forrest’s talk, as well as those of the younger folks who have some very interesting ideas.  But it’s been a great weekend, and a fun trip as well.

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